Alex Perry: Golf fans don’t get anywhere near as up for the PGA Championship as they do the other majors – or even the Players. It’s already moving to a May slot to become the second major of the year. Is that the answer? Or do they need more?

Tom Irwin: Match play is the answer.

Matthew Beedle: Would match play work? People would still find a way to moan about it. Only option at the moment is to see if people are happy with the move.

James Savage: No thanks to match play. Only works for team events. I like the PGA if it’s at a decent course.

Joe Urquhart: The PGA is just a glorified PGA Tour event. Hopefully it being on the BBC will give it something extra this year.

Alex Perry: All the majors are glorified PGA Tour events. That’s literally the point.

Joe Urquhart: It’s golf’s League Cup. No-one can really be arsed but once you’re in with a shout it wouldn’t be bad to win it.

Alex Perry: “No one can really be arsed”. Behave.

Dan Murphy: They definitely can. Winning a major is career-defining. It’s still a bigger week than all but three for the players.

Tom Irwin: The players are very arsed. It’s just us chumps.

Alex Perry: Joe, you’d be ecstatic if Leeds made a run at the League Cup.

Joe Urquhart: No thanks. Would rather be in the Premier League.

Alex Perry: Well that’s not happening any time soon.

Craig Middleton: I’d love a match play PGA championship. Bring it on.

Alex Perry: Wouldn’t you find Sunday really boring though? Just one or two matches. The Sunday of the WGC-Match Play is awful to watch on TV.

Craig Middleton: Good point, well made. Here’s a thought to make it a bit more jazzy: if a player loses by more than 4&3 they lose their spot at the US Open…

James Savage: Why not throw them in jail?

Steve Carroll: Capital punishment for marking your ball incorrectly.

Alex Perry: Imagine if Craig was in charge of the golf.

Craig Middleton: You’re all laughing but I bet it would make for good viewing.

Alex Perry: We’re all laughing because it’s utter nonsense.

James Savage: Look we’re not having match play in any of the four majors. Have it every other week but the majors are where 72 hole stroke play is good. It’s like a test match in cricket – the only pure form of the game. Having less stroke play golf week in week out is the only way forward to keeping everyone thirsty for the majors.

Alex Perry: A lot of people talk of taking it around the world…

Dan Murphy: As a one-off publicity stunt, yes. Beyond that I can’t for the life of me think why the PGA of America would want to take their tournament abroad. How is it benefiting their members?

James Savage: The players wouldn’t want that to happen, so it won’t.

Joe Urquhart: They should make the PGA Championship like GolfSixes. That was good.


James Savage: I would enjoy walk-on music in a major. What would your tune of choice be?

Alex Perry: Everlong by Foo Fighters, though that might make me too emotional. Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit would put the feat in your opponents, especially if you brought out a spare driver to smash over your knee.

James Savage: Invaders Must Die by The Prodigy would be mine.

Joe Urquhart: In the Belly of A Shark by Gallows. Golf wouldn’t know what hit it.

James Savage: My mate is the bass player in Gallows, he’ll let you use it Joe.

Joe Urquhart: Perfect.

Alex Perry: I’m changing my answer to Hulk Hogan’s walk on music. Even though I’m not a real American. Or fight for the rights of every man.

James Savage: When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside, do you take a stand?

Alex Perry: That’s lunch.

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