Are latest fashion trends in golf getting a bit ‘out of hand’?

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Team NCG give their views on the latest fashion trends in the game...

We’ve all seen them…first Rickie Fowler and now Rory McIlroy sporting the new ‘jogger’ golf pants. With the latest fashion trends in golf turning a few heads we ask are these trends becoming a bit out of hand?

Is golf fashion moving away too much from tradition or are the latest styles a good way to introduce juniors to the game.

The NCG team gave their views:

Craig Middleton: No, absolutely not. We are in the 21st century where a lot of things are now socially acceptable that previously were not. Female members being accepted at clubs being an example of this. What you should and should not wear in a golf club or out on the course has been another thing over the years that has been widely debated.

Although Rory McIlroy’s and Ricke Fowlers ‘jogger’ style pants are a bit out there and very different from tradition, is it really such a big deal. I think these young players play a big part in getting kids involved in the sport so having fashionable outfits to wear can only help that.

Mark Townsend: Wear what you want. If you want to wear jeans (which are the most uncomfortable item of clothing to play golf in) then fine.

You’re not playing in team colours so wear whatever.

I find white belts more offensive than jogging pants so I don’t wear a white belt. Very very occasionally I might buy a jacket

based on what I’ve seen worn on Tour but, generally, I’ll wear blue trousers and a baby blue polo.

An outfit I’ve trusted since 1986.

THE PLAYERS Championship - Round One

Steve Carroll: Although it will horrify the purists, I say live and let live.

Going back a few years, I was at a club where there was a strict rules on having to wear collared shirts or polos – which there is at most clubs – but the pro was selling the Tiger Woods roll-neck top in his shop.

You had the ridiculous situation where you could buy the shirt but weren’t allowed to wear it out on the course.

Given the choice, most people will still wear exactly the sort of attire they do now – because it’s the most comfortable clothing to play golf in.

If Rickie wants to wear high tops, or Rory wants a polo shirt that doesn’t have a typical collar, is that really bringing down the standards? I don’t think so.

James Broadhurst: I would wear the Rory/Rickie-style joggers if I thought the club I was playing at was relaxed with its dress code.

I hate the stuffy rules about what you should wear at a lot of clubs.

Good on Rickie and Rory for helping modernise golf and perhaps make it a more appealing sport to some youngsters who think it is just an old man’s game.

Joe Urquhart: My view is that if the latest golfing ‘fashion trends’ get kids into the game by allowing them to wear whatever they perceive as ‘cool’ then why stop it? The game needs someway of grabbing a new generation and if this is the way to do that then I am all for it.

Rory and Rickie are role models for those young players and if they want to wear bright orange shoes then who am I to stop them?

Putting aside their ridiculous sponsorship deals, I don’t particularly see any issue at all with the ‘jogger pants’ or ‘high tops’ they both sported during The Players.

There is no worse feeling that getting all your gear on before you get to a course you have never played and thinking ‘will this be allowed?’, I shouldn’t be worrying about what trousers or shoes I have on but where my first drive is going to end up.

Purists will argue until the cows come home but golf is up against a lot of other sports to get younger players through the doors and onto the course – why put them off by refusing to let them wear a shirt that has no collar or shoes that are a certain colour.

Dan Murphy: I genuinely don’t care what people wear, on or off the course. I’d like people to be able to wear whatever they feel comfortable in as it makes the game seem less weird. I want golf to be accessible and welcoming. Dress codes are a barrier to that. The great thing is, it makes no difference to the game itself. I find I am equally inept at the 60-yard pitch whether wearing a football kit or a tuxedo.

Tom Lenton: They look horrific. A big fan of the more gym style tops that are well fitted but the jogger bottoms are too far. Just get them nicely slim fitted at the bottom like the cool Scandinavians.

CM: I think as long as you look relatively smart on the course there shouldn’t be a problem with what it is you are wearing. If Tour pro’s can do it, why can’t your typical club golfers?



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