Which golf hole would you build in your back garden?

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Gareth Bale has had the famous 17th from TPC Sawgrass replicated in his garden, so the NCG team drift off to fantasy land in The Niggle

Alex Perry: Would you choose the 17th at Sawgrass, like Gareth Bale has, or pick one you’ve actually played?

Tom Irwin: Why would you get an island green? It would just annoying having to fish the balls out and walk around all the time.

James Savage: I’m having the 13th at Augusta.

Alex Perry: Not Golden Bell?

James Savage: No, because as Eduardo Molinari has shown, hitting 500 shots to the same 145-yard target isn’t fun after a while.

Tom Irwin: I would actually prefer a practice area. The one from Augusta ideally.

Joe Urquhart: Good to know for when the Niggle question of what kind of practice area would you like in your back garden comes up.

Craig Middleton: I’ll take the 1st at St George’s Hill, please.

St George's Hill 1st

Mark Townsend: You hit it about three yards.

Craig Middleton: Yes but it was a straight at least.

Mark Townsend: It nearly went between your legs.

Craig Middleton: What was the final score again?

Mark Townsend: You won 2&1. Just surprised you didn’t pick one of the 13 holes you made a nett birdie on.

Craig Middleton: I just thought it was a beautifully framed hole.

Alex Perry: Come on then, Joe, which hole from Kingsbarns are you having?

Joe Urquhart: The 15th. Or the 5th hole at Crail.

Alex Perry: The one where you drive over the water? That’s an excellent choice. There are a few holes there that I would love to be able to play on a daily basis.

Craig Middleton: Actually, I think I’ll have the 7th on the Palmer course at Reunion Resort in Orlando.

Alex Perry: You would pick a hole from a resort course?

Reunion Resort 7th Palmer

Craig Middleton: I pulled my drive left. Wedge. Birdie.

Alex Perry: I put my first in the water, then birdied it with my second ball.

Craig Middleton: So you didn’t birdie it, then, did you?

James Savage: I nearly killed someone on the bridge.

Mark Townsend: The 2nd at Dornoch would be pretty special in your back garden with wind machines either side to practise your shot shaping. Either that, or the Extreme 19th at Legend Resort in South Africa. If only to get over 40 years of chronic vertigo.

James Broadhurst: The par-3 7th at Aphrodite Hills in Cyprus (main image) is pretty spectacular. It starts with a hairy buggy drive from the 6th green down a steep hill to the tee – there’s even a buggy speed limit. Think of San Francisco’s Lombard Street, with its hairpin turns, and you get the idea. You have to clear a massive gorge to find the green. After trudging away with a double-bogey five, this was the first and so far only time I have been genuinely tempted to go back to the tee to give it another go. I would have my mansion overlooking that hole all day long.

Alex Perry: No one said you could have a mansion, James.

Joe Urquhart: I’d have tee boxes similar to that at Top Golf. One from each level of the house. Got to keep things interesting.

James Savage: I’ll also take the 10th at Sunningdale New – which includes the halfway hut and those sausage sandwiches.

Alex Perry: Oh that’s a wonderful shout.

James Savage: Then the par-3 3rd at Trump International and par-3 15th at Seahouses coming back.

Steve Carroll: I’d take the 11th at Royal Troon. If I could train myself to par that more often than not then I might become the player I want to be.

Tom Irwin: An 8 handicapper?

Steve Carroll: Nothing wrong with having high ambitions…

Alex Perry: OK, for my Cornwall mansion I’m going for a three hole stretch from 3 of my favourite courses. Going out to the halfway hut is the par-5 4th at Trevose (main image), then coming back along the cliff top is the par-4 7th from Royal North Devon (below) with the par-3 4th from Perranporth to finish.

Royal North Devon 6th

James Broadhurst: How come you get a mansion and I don’t? I had curtains picked out and everything.

Alex Perry: You can have a room in my mansion. I will need a butler.

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