Dan Murphy: It really is fantastic to see Rory head to Close House. I do believe that Walton Heath and Centurion were both under consideration from Rose earlier in the year and they would both work well.

Mark Townsend: Walton Heath would be magic. He once won at Woburn but that’s been done. As long as it’s not a 7,300-yard parkland with preferred lies and 120 men in dark waterproofs it should be great.

Dan Murphy: The south-east gets the PGA every year, it would be nice to see the British Masters going somewhere a little different.

Mark Townsend: Merion? Only joking. If it’s mid-September then somewhere coastal that isn’t quite on the Open rota. Maybe Cinque Ports? They could find some tenuous link to his Rose’s amateur career.

Dan Murphy: Hollinwell is plenty long and tough enough and the Nottingham area is within easy reach of lots of people. Not sure what the Rose link is though…

Joe Urquhart: Kingsbarns. Throwing it out there…

Mark Townsend: Yes, when you think of Justin Rose the first course that pops into your head is Kingsbarns. Then again you could say the same with Luke Donald and The Grove.

Joe Urquhart: Good. Glad you’re on board.

Dan Murphy: A tour event in Cornwall would be very cool.

Alex Perry: Well, obviously. But everyone moans about transport links like the A30 doesn’t exist.

Steve Carroll: I’d like to see it at somewhere like St Enodoc. If only to see them struggling in that bunker on the 6th. It would look amazing on telly, too.

Alex Perry: I would say Royal North Devon but we have already campaigned for the Open to go there

James Savage: Paul Casey won his first European Tour event at Gleneagles. That works.

Steve Carroll: Gleneagles gets far too much already. They’ll have to be content with the Solheim Cup for the time being.

James Broadhurst: Could we have a War of the Roses involving a Lancashire and Yorkshire club co-hosting?

Joe Urquhart: Bring your swords, lads.

James Savage: Has to be somewhere in Yorkshire, surely? The superior of the two Roses. I’m not saying Ganton as it’s too hard to get to. Has to be near a city. So what are we saying, Moortown or Alwoodley?

Joe Urquhart: Ganton?

Dan Murphy: Why don’t you wait until it’s Matt Fitzpatrick’s turn and we can have it at Hallamshire?

James Savage: The car park is too small. Danny Willett could host at Rotherham, though.

Dan Murphy: Now you are getting the idea. Going back to the west country – Chris Wood at Long Ashton would be good.

Tom Irwin: Someone really should say Beef at North Middlesex, shouldn’t they?

Alex Perry: Or Cowglen. Get it?

Mark Townsend: Robert Rock at… Littlestone, Stoneham, Stone (Staffs)… Oh I can’t think of any more…

Dan Murphy: Chris Wood at Remedy Oak?

Mark Townsend: Ross Fisher at Pike Hills or Moor Pla(i)ce…

Dan Murphy: Russell Knox at Headfort? Think about it…

Joe Urquhart: Well, I am really glad we’ve got bogged down in golf puns here…

Dan Murphy: How about Tommy Fleetwood hosting at Fleetwood?

Steve Carroll: Graeme Storm at Windyhill…

Dan Murphy: David Horsey at Styrrup Hall?

Mark Townsend: With pre-qualifying at Saddleworth…

Joe Urquhart: Guys…

Steve Carroll: He could co-host with Laurie Canter.

James Savage: Tyrell Hatton at Old Head?

Dan Murphy: Or Headfort.

Joe Urquhart: Oh, never mind.