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New golf equipment 2021: Cleveland

Cleveland have added the new CBX Full-Face to their wedge line-up for 2021. This new offering features grooves across the entire face, hence the name, and is all about giving you maximum short game versatility as well as forgiveness.

new golf equipment 2021

Compared to the last CBX offering they have a larger face area. They also have a full high toe profile that is great when you want to open up the face and slide the club under the ball.

If you’re after more spin the clubface features rotex face milling, laser milling and tour zip grooves across the entire face so expect some serious stopping power.

new golf equipment 2021

A lot of the versatility comes from a C-Shaped sole grind with the heel and toe cambered away so you can manipulate the face and hit a wide variety of shots.

So how do these improve forgiveness? Inside the club head we have an open cavity near the hell and a a solid muscle back on the toe. This means the sweet spot has been relocated directly behind where you strike it which increases forgiveness and well as adding feel.

new golf equipment 2021

RRP: £139/149 (steel/graphite)
Available: March 20, 2021
Lofts: 56°, 58°, 60° & 64°

Cleveland have also expanded their Frontline putter offering, in fact the 2021 line-up features 6 brand new models.

new golf equipment 2021

With a wide array of designs, shapes and shaft bends to choose from Cleveland are hoping to have a model to suit all golfers regardless of their putting style.

The key technology change here is the shift of CG thanks to new Tungsten Forward Weighting. The weights in the putter face have been moved forward towards the ball to help with more consistent distance and start line even on off centre strikes.

new golf equipment 2021

“Having weight as close to the face surface as possible while maximising MOI, provides the straightest putts on mishits ever measured. Frontline technology has eliminated the mishits. No matter where you hit on the insert, the ball will go straight and the same distance. This line-up, with additional models and builds, provides all options for players to uniquely align at impact, delivering the face on the target line, while making the sweet spot ridiculously large.” – Joe Miller, European Product Expert.

There is also a new Speed Optimised Face Technology, which aims to even out ball speeds across the face for more consistent distance on every putt. Each model has a unique SOFT face pattern to help control speed and distance loss, especially on off-centre strikes.

RRP: £159/179 (blades/mallets)
Available: March 20, 2021
New 2021 Frontline Models: Frontline 2.0 Flow Neck, Frontline 8.0 Slant Neck/Single Bend, Frontline 10.5 Slant Neck/Single Bend, Frontline Elevado Plumber’s Neck.

But that’s not where the new putters end as Cleveland have also announced two new putter lines for 2021.

The Huntington Beach Soft Premier putters and the Huntington Beach Soft putters add sixteen new models to Cleveland’s putter offering.

new golf equipment 2021

Both ranges get the soft part of their name from the Speed Optimised Face Technology which helps with distance control by making putts hit across all parts of the face come off with the same speed. 

This is done by having more condensed milling lines on the centre of the face than the edges. The milling is unique on each putter face optimised for that club head style and shape. The milling features a unique diamond pattern to increase friction for a pure roll and soft feel.

new golf equipment 2021

The Premier line-up has two grip options. For those of you with an arcing stroke, the Lamkin SINKFIT Skinny Pistol grip, is combined with a toe-down weighting, to help with clubhead rotation. 

A larger Lamkin SINKFIT Pistol grip is used in the face-balanced designs to help promote a more straight back and through stroke.

The Huntington Beach Soft collection will also feature  two grip options for arching or more straight back and through strokes. 

RRP: From £119
Available: March 20, 2021
More info: Cleveland website

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