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New golf equipment 2021: Zoom

Zoom are back for 2021 with an all new rangefinder, the Zoom Focus Tour. 

Aesthetically we see quite a big difference from the Focus X thanks to the addition of a hybrid metal design. This was influenced by the timeless design of vintage cameras. 

new golf equipment 2021

It has an 800 metre range, provides 6 times magnification and is accurate to half a metre. 

The laser features an integrated slope function which works out how much the elevation is affecting the distance your shot will play and recalculates the yardage accordingly. This function can be switched on and off via a button on the side of the device so you can still use it in tournament play. 

Numerous modes such as flagpole scanning and continuous measurement mode help you to pick up your target with ease. The unit also vibrates to confirm when you have hit the target.

RRP: £299.99

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