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New golf equipment 2021: Shot Scope

Instead of releasing a new product Shot Scope have been hard at work improving their current offering.

Users can now see strokes gained data in the app for different areas of their game. The first update allows players to compare their performance to that of tour golfers.

Over time this will be broken down into more detail so you can compare your performance to that of people in different handicap categories as well as seeing how front and back 9 performance varies and seeing strokes gained data on more aspects of your game.

new golf equipment 2021

What I love about this data is it is backdated so you can see your strokes gained for rounds you have already inputted. It is also free to all players who already own a Shot Scope watch so there is no need to update to a new model to get this data.

For those of you already using the app simply head to the performance tab and then select strokes gained to see your data. You get an overview of your results from each year and can also filter out your performance in your last five rounds.

new golf equipment 2021

RRP: From £139.99
More info: Shot Scope website

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