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New golf equipment 2021: Mizuno

Mizuno have unveiled the new ST Series of metalwoods featuring drivers and a fairways.

The new ST Mizuno drivers build on the recent success they have seen out on tour and are influenced but tour player feedback. Most of this was on the sensory side as players just wanted them to sound more ‘solid’.

There are two new drivers in the new ST range. First up the ST-Z is the lowest spin offering but also super stable thanks to a big weight in the back the club head.

new golf equipment 2021

Then the ST-X is a draw bias offering thanks to an extra heel side sole weight and extra carbon on the toe. Rather unusually for a draw bias product this has a more compact profile.

Mizuno know fairway woods are the least changed clubs in peoples bags so they took inspiration from older models that were popular. This lead to lots of adjustments to the shaping at address such as changing the leading edge and how the club transitions into the hosel.

new golf equipment 2021

The result is the new ST-Z fairway wood a low spin high stability model thanks to a lightweight crown and lower centre of gravity.

More info: Mizuno website

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