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New golf equipment 2021: KBS

Ever thought about what shaft you have in your putter? KBS are set to make that change and are introducing the new 1 One step putter shaft for 2021.

The new shaft is 6g heavier than a traditional offering at 130g, it is a single bend straight tip offering and looking to reduce vibration at impact for more accurate and consistent putting.

new golf equipment 2021

“On average, around 45% of strokes per round involve your putter, so we wanted to create a shaft with varying putter head weights per stroke that puts more confidence in the hands of those who currently aren’t that confident on the greens,” says Kim Braly, KBS’s master shaft engineer. 

The shaft is designed to help all levels of golfer from tour pros to high handicappers. A lot of work has been done to create a pure feel so you can repeat a stable smooth putting stroke over and over again.

KBS are saying from their R&D testing they saw a significant increase in putts holed when golfers put this shaft in play.

More info: KBS website

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