We tested the Ping GMax irons using and ES14 portable launch monitor which are available from www.golfswingsystems.co.uk or by emailing [email protected]

SRP: £96 steel; £108 graphite.
Shafts: CFS steel/graphite. After-market with no upcharge: Dynamic Gold, Project X, XP 95, Nippon Modus3
Available: 4-P, U, SW


First impressions: 

Anyone used to using the Ping G30 irons will feel right at home as the finish and headshape are almost identical.

There’s a nice splash of blue on the back of the face which gives a bit of added shelf appeal and it’s really cool to be able to see the new technology with the Custom Tuning Port attached to the sole rather than the face.

The GMax look a bit more offset than the G30 but there’s little difference to notice at address.

What they say: 


The Ping GMax are aimed at the mid to higher handicappers and the new technology is all about helping to increase ball speeds right across the face.

Theres a new stainless steel head which is heat-treated to produce 40 per cent stronger faces on the 4 to 8 irons.

The face is thinner to create more flex for increased ball speed across the face.

Adding the Custom Tuning Port to the sole instead of the face to position the CG lower and further back for greater forgiveness, a higher launch and more accuracy.

NCG Verdict:


I got on well with these irons right from the first hit and found them incredibly easy to use.

Theres a different, more high pitched sound at impact and you can really feel the face flexing and popping your ball up into the air.

I was a fan of the G30 and although the GMax look very similar at address, I think they are a lot more forgiving.

Shots towards the heel and the toe still seem to get decent ball speeds and distance so your bad shots don’t actually end up that bad.

I spent a fair bit of time testing the 8 iron and I was consistent getting the 140-145 carry which I would expect. I hit a few bad shots but the shortest distance was 128 I think these irons will be a real hit for those who don’t find the middle of the club face every time.

What really impresses me with the GMax range is the ease of use as you go up into the longer irons.

I don’t currently carry a 4 iron because I rarely have the confidence to use one but I was having good success hitting the GMax 4 iron off the deck and would have had no qualms about using it out on the course.

As you go up into the longer irons the clubs in the GMax range are actually lighter which makes them a bit easier to swing.

Better players will obviously lean towards something a bit sleeker but these irons do exactly what they are supposed to.

Easy to use, consistent and accurate, what’s not to like about that?