NCG TESTS: Waterproof shoes

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These days you can look good and still stay dry.

SRP: £110

MT: I’ve worn a pair of Sports for over a year and I get on very well with them. I like the styling and they felt good right from the off.

DM: We tried the version with Boa laces and it must be said they make life very easy. There’s lots of room to slip your feet in and a couple of twists makes the fit snug. Once you’re finished it’s one click and the shoe comes off again. As for the shoes, they are pleasingly light and contemporary while still being recognisable as golf shoes.

SRP: £89.99

MT: I was pleasantly surprised by these – I think they are by far and way the best Stuburts I’ve tried for years. It’s good to see such an iconic brand back to something like their best.

DM: I think Stuburt have done a great job on the looks of this shoe – it reminds you of their heritage. I remember a time when their shoes were right up there with the best so it’s great to see them once more making high-quality footwear.

SRP: £150

DM: Golf shoes have suddenly got modern in recent years, and none more so than these. They feel a bit like wearing a surgical glove, and the idea is your feet can go exactly where they want, without being restricted. That makes them comfortable immediately, but I must say it would take me a little while to get used to the sensation of feeling like I was wearing slippers.

MT: I like the way they feel to wear but I wasn’t completely taken by the styling.

SRP: £175

MT: These looked like they were going to be quite a big, heavy shoe but in fact once I’d put them on they were anything but. These are really smart shoes. The sizing seemed quite generous.

DM: Like most Puma shoes, the styling is bold so you need to be committed if you are going to wear them – no half measures. At first, I wasn’t convinced but they grew on me and I enjoyed wearing them more the longer I had them on.

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