SRP: £149.99


MT: I’m a big fan of the way they felt to walk and swing in – the leather felt fantastic from the word go. I wasn’t quite as keen on the shape and style.


DM: Of all the shoes we tried, these felt the best when I slipped them on in terms of softness and quality. I wasn’t as convinced by the styling – especially the cross on the heel, which didn’t do it for me. But in a different colourway I’d love to wear a pair of these and they were great to swing in.


SRP: £200


DM: FootJoy’s top shoe oozes quality and style – so much so that it seems a shame to wear them in the worst of conditions. But that’s not to say they can’t cope with mud and water. The most desirable shoes money can buy for the discerning and traditional golfer.


MT: The great thing about the FootJoy range is that there’s something for everyone. Personally, I like a more modern shoe so I would probably go for an XPS-1 or a Sport but equally you know exactly what you’re getting with a pair of Icons.


SRP: £125


DM: All things considered, I’m not sure you can look past these. For anyone who likes a golf shoe that looks like, well, a golf shoe then DryJoys are the answer. They’re comfortable straight out of the box, they look great, they’re relatively light and they’re obviously solid enough to withstand a British winter. Still the obvious choice and that little bit less expensive than other comparable shoes.


MT: It it’s reliability you’re after then FootJoy are the answer and probably the DryJoys specifically. While models like the XPS-1 and Sport might have more technology and updated features, in a shoe for all seasons these are impossible to beat. I think they look the best too.


SRP: £160


DM: Comfortable doesn’t begin to describe the Bioms, which are a delight to wear – so soft – and better than anything we tested to swing in for me. Whether they are the most practical all weather shoe is another story. Not because of any traction issues – I didn’t notice any loss of traction due to their pimpled sole – but just because once they are wet and muddy then you can’t wear them inside anyway, which kind of defeats the point. In my opinion, Ecco golf shoes are incredibly high in quality and these are no exception.


MT: Probably my favourite shoe in terms of looks – and incredibly light and comfortable to walk and swing in. They just seem too smart to subject to a wet winter.

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