Why winter is the most important time of year for your game

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In the latest NCG Podcast, Alex Perry and Mark Townsend are joined by golf psychologist Karl Morris who explains why next summer will be determined by this winter.

It is Winter Golf Week here at NCG, so who else would we turn to for this winter golf special edition of the NCG Podcast the Karl Morris?

One of the finest psychologist in the game, Karl explains to Alex Perry and Mark Townsend exactly why it is so important to keep your game in shape over the winter months.

Thinking of throwing your clubs in the garage until spring? Think again…

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About the NCG Podcast

The NCG Podcast began life as “The Niggle Podcast”, where we discussed a relevant discussion point from the world of golf.

We have now revamped and respawned as the NCG Podcast, which becomes a more encompassing look at golf, with regular special guests joining host Alex Perry on the microphone.

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