NCG sat down with Geordie legend and former England striker Alan Shearer recently.

Once the most most expensive British footballer ever, Shearer now splits his time between the Match of the Day studio and the golf course.


Name: Alan Shearer

Handicap: 7

Home course: Close House, Newcastle


Dream fourball?

My dream fourball would have to be Tiger Woods being one of them, I’m sure he’s got some interesting stories to tell. I’m very fortunate to have played with Lee Westwood a few times with him being the pro at my local golf club. Probably Ernie Els, I’m a great fan of his and was fortunate enough to play with him in Portugal not so long ago. I had a great experience – and a great experience after as well sampling his wine, so I would definitely say that yeah.

‘A miracle happens whenever he’s in a club competition’
Rory or Spieth?

It’s got to be Rory, yeah. I like his attitude and the way he goes for everything, and he’s just a sensational golfer.


Best shot?

I’m assuming you mean at golf? I’ve had one hole-in-one the week before the Ryder Cup at a course called Craigielaw, a little 7-iron 168 yards, two bounces and straight in so that’s it.


Worst shot?

When I first started I used to have plenty of fresh airs. Thankfully not any more.


Best celebrity?

I wouldn’t say he’s a celebrity but Alan Hansen’s not bad. He’s off two, I think he is. Obviously retired now so he’s got more time to play and concentrate. He’s a very serious golfer as well though.


Worst celebrity?

Oh, Robbie Savage, he’s hopeless. He’s hopeless at everything though so it doesn’t matter.


Worst dressed?

Robbie Savage. He thinks his gear’s great but it’s definitely not. He’s on another planet.


Biggest bandit?

Kenny Dalglish. I think he’s off eight or nine when in reality he should be off three or four. A miracle happens that whenever he’s in a club competition, he doesn’t happen to play very well, but any other competition he wins it.


Best tip?

I dunno, I used to be an angry golfer when I was a little bit younger but now I’m getting on a bit I managed to mellow and calm down so I just stay calm.


If I was a golfer…

I would have been Tiger Woods, but it’s slightly different now. I’ll have to say Rory McIlroy because he hits it as hard as he can, not short of a bob or two, great golfer, single, not married, travelling the world, not bad is it?