NCG Challenge: Taking on the 17th at Sawgrass

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The NCG team headed over to Rudding Park to take on their iconic replica hole - with mixed results...

We all love the Players Championship so decided to put ourselves in the shoes of the world’s best and take on the famous Sawgrass 17th.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it over to sunny Florida so we made the journey over to Rudding Park in North Yorkshire to take on their version one of the most iconic holes in golf.

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Taking part were digital editor Alex Perry (14 handicap) and equipment editor James Savage (17 handicap).

We also had social media editor Joe Urquhart (21 handicap) and staff writer Matthew Beedle (8 handicap).

Each player had three goes at hitting the green where the pin was 135-yards from the tee.

It was a very cold blustery day so although the yardage was exactly the same at what the Tour pros face at Sawgrass 17th, the conditions couldn’t have been much different.

Click on the featured video to see how we got on…

Sawgrass 17th

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