We've picked out eight must-play courses in the British Isles worthy of headlining any golf trip

If you’re anything like us you’ll often have conversations with your golf buddies that almost always start with: “Do you know where we should go and play this summer?” So to help you out we’ve compiled a list of the eight must-play golf courses in Great Britain and Ireland that you absolutely should be adding to your bucket list.

Now we know these courses generally break the bank in terms of green fees, so make sure you come back and check out our rundown of the best affordable golf courses in GB&I.

Must-play golf courses in Great Britain and Ireland: Prestwick

Prestwick golf course review

Why go? It’s a total mystery why it is not more revered, and a fixture on any discerning American’s Scotland itinerary. Has a quieter mid-round section but starts and ends with unique, unforgettable holes and arguably has more history to lap up than anywhere else.

Chris Bertram

Sutton Coldfield golf course review Sutton Coldfield golf course review

Play Edgbaston & Sutton Coldfield in May for £160 per persom


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