Our Motocaddy S5 Connect review has taken place during rounds at Bro Hof Slott in Sweden and at Hillsborough in Sheffield.

Our visit to Sweden for the S5 Connect launch was our first view of the product and we were able to play a round with it on the Stadium Course.

But often with a trolley the main part of the testing comes from getting it to and from the course and getting it ready to go.

So we ask for a sample to be sent in for another run out at Hillsborough – my home club.

Motocaddy S5 Connect review – First impressions

Motocaddy S5 connect review

The trolley itself is very similar to the other trolleys in Motocaddy’s new S range.

I’ve used the new S1 DHC and in terms of the folding, the wheels, the battery and how the trolley moves along the ground it’s all pretty much the same.

The main difference is a new piece of technology in the handle. It’s quite small – not much larger than you’d expect to find on a GPS watch.

The idea is that you ‘connect’ the trolley to the free Motocaddy GPS app so you can have front, middle, back yardage numbers sent to the trolley screen.

Motocaddy S5 Connect review – The technology

Motocaddy S5 connect review

So why have Motocaddy gone down this route rather than having a fully-functional GPS unit built into the handle?

There’s a few reasons. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper for a start.

And because it is syncing to a mobile app, it has the ability to constantly update which takes care of any potential glitches.

Motocaddy S5 connect review

But one of the best things about it is the fact it can sync with your mobile to provide notifications for calls, texts, emails and social media updates.

“But I don’t want to be pestered by people when I’m out playing golf?” Some might say.

Well then you can turn all the notifications off and just concentrate on your golf.

I spoke at length with the guys at Motocaddy about this feature and I think we were singing from the same hymn sheet by the end of it.

Motocaddy S5 connect review

When I’m playing golf I will almost certainly take my phone out at some point during the round to check missed calls and texts.

But then while I’ve got it in my had I’ll inevitably be drawn to look at that Facebook notification or WhatsApp message.

Before I know it I’m on the Sheffield Wednesday website reading team news for the weekend and then replying to YouTube comment.

My head’s gone and my golf game has gone with it.

Motocaddy S5 connect review

If I know that I’ve only had one text message from Pizza Hut and a missed call from an unknown number, I’ll be leaving my phone in the bag. I’m safe in the knowledge I haven’t missed anything important.

So if you know you just have one important call to wait for, turn off all other notifications, wait for that call to come and either answer it or phone them back at the next convenient moment.

Motocaddy also believe the S5 Connect can help speed up pace of play.

So in summary:

– It’s simple with yardages at a glance
– Suits golfers who don’t want to wear a watch
– Suits golfers who want to stay connected
– Other features include clock and round timer
– Power save mode saves data and battery usage
– USB charger port for mobile

Motocaddy S5 connect review

Other bonuses are the easilock system for attaching your bag securely and this trolley also comes in a downhill control (DHC) model for hilly courses.

Motocaddy S5 Connect review – The results

Starting with the trolley, the S5 Connect delivers everything you will have come to expect from Motocaddy.

It’s simple, sleek and stylish. It runs very smoothly and feels very well made. It folds away and assembles very easily.

The battery slots in easily and the trolley can be folded down with the battery still in place.

Motocaddy S5 connect review

As a trolley, it doesn’t do anything differently from what you’d expect an S-range trolley to do.

There is a little bit of set-up time to get the trolley and app synced up. But once you have selected the course you are playing, you can leave your phone in your bag or pocket.

The one potential problem is when you can’t take your trolley to a back tee. If that happens, you can take the phone with you and have a look at the yardages on your phone screen.

There’s a also a flyover view available on the app if you’re playing a new course and don’t know the layout. This isn’t available when the app is in power save mode.

Motocaddy S5 Connect review – NCG verdict

This is a classy offering from Motocaddy which will no doubt appeal to many, many golfers.

Motocaddy S5 connect review

The free app is well worth downloading even if you don’t plan to buy this trolley as it’s err, pretty good and err, FREE.

Some people will no doubt be put off by the fact it involves a mobile but these people probably won’t be with us for much longer.

I’m a big fan of the trolley and the information on offer. I’ve played two rounds with it and each time I was only temped to get my laser out a couple of times.

Motocaddy S5 connect review

This trolley allowed me to focus on my golf as I had the information I needed at a glance and I knew I wasn’t missing anything important happening on my phone.

And I really can’t fault the trolley itself so it’s a winning combination.


SRP: £549.99/£599.99 (18-hole/extended lithium)

DHC – £599.99/£649.99

More information can be found on the Motocaddy website.