After being put into play by Luke Donald at the 2016 Open Championship, the Mizuno T7 wedges have now been officially launched.

Golfers will be pleased to know that the Mizuno T7, which follow-on from the S5, are also available in the blue finish that proved so popular last time around.

Mizuno T7

The Mizuno T7 are the brand’s first Grain Flow Forged wedges infused with Boron and feature precision-milled Quad Cut grooves which the brand say will deliver exceptionally long-lasting spin control.

The new T7 forged wedges deliver Mizuno’s distinctive soft feel but with significantly enhanced groove durability thanks to a small infusion of Boron within its steel.

“The one drawback with a traditional soft forged wedge is that the grooves compress more quickly than a harder cast wedge,” says David Llewellyn – Director of R&D at Mizuno.

“A very small trace of Boron in the steel means we can not only now maintain that forged feel and precision, but also the performance of the grooves and the wedge’s stopping power over a longer period of time.

“Our only concern with using Boron was whether the feel would be compromised – Luke Donald was the best tester for that issue and he asked to put them in his bag after one session.”

The spin control performance of the face has already been enhanced by a new, more precise milling tool that allows the loft-specific Quad Cut grooves to be cut as tight as possible to R&A and USGA limits for even more spin.

Those loft-specific grooves are wider and shallower in the higher lofts from 54˚ to 62˚, then deeper and narrower in the lower lofts from 45˚ to 53˚, allowing golfers to maximise spin on both full and partial shots.

Mizuno T7

The grooves aren’t the only things that vary according to loft, with the pitching wedge lofts from 45˚ to 48˚ featuring a straighter leading edge and topline for fuller shots, graduating into a more rounded profile in the highest lofts from 58˚ to 62˚.

Those higher lofts also boast more visible grinds that narrow the sole to deliver crisp ball-striking from a wide variety of lies.

The Mizuno T7 wedges are also available in the standard White Satin finish.

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Lofts: 45˚ to 62˚ (Men’s RH & LH, Ladies’ RH only)
SRP: £120/€165