What's new? When is it available? And how much will it cost? Equipment editor Hannah Holden has all the details

Mizuno are back for 2022 with two brand new drivers, so what are they and what are the differences?

Mizuno ST 220 drivers: First Impressions

Mizuno do a really great job of producing clean, classic and great looking drivers. I love the styling of these and how the look of the two models is so well matched.

Mizuno ST 220 drivers

Mizuno ST 220 drivers: The Line-Up

Mizuno ST 220 drivers
Mizuno ST-Z 220 driver

The ST-Z 200 is all about low spin to deliver an efficient, straight ball flight.

Mizuno ST 220 drivers
Mizuno ST-X 220 driver

This is a draw bias model with a larger more confidence inspiring head shape.

Mizuno ST 220 drivers: The Technology

Mizuno were striving for more stability and consistency from off-centre strikes in both the ST 220 drivers. This was achieved by expanding the carbon area in the sole by 40% and also thinning out the titanium on the sole. Weight savings from this allowed the stabilising weight at the back of the head to be doubled in size.

 Mizuno ST 220 drivers

Inside the club head both models have a 20g back weight to lower the centre of gravity. In the ST-X this weight is nearer the heel to promote a right to left shot shape.

 Mizuno ST 220 drivers

The ST-Z uses Mizuno’s Z-Axis design to evenly distribute weight across the toe and the heel to create low spinning straight shots. Whereas the ST-X uses X-Axis design. This focuses on more weight in the heel to help promote a high draw bias flight.

To drive up ball speed both drives have a SAT2041 Beta Titanium face and use a multi-thickness Cortech design.

 Mizuno ST 220 drivers

Mizuno ST 220 drivers: The Details

Available: March

RRP: £399

Lofts: 9.5° & 10.5° ST-Z 10.5° & 12° ST-X

More info: Mizuno website

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