Once you get past the jaw-dropping looks, there is a lot going on under the bonnet in the new Mizuno irons. Hannah Holden explains

The Mizuno Pro Series irons aim to provide forward thinking, cutting-edge engineering concealed within compact, precise playing profiles. So what have they done to try and achieve this? Let’s take a closer look…

Mizuno Pro Series irons: First impressions

Mizuno really know how to create a great-looking iron, all of the models in this range really deliver in the looks category. I also love the fact they are all compact in sizing and designed with that better player in mind.

Mizuno Pro Series irons: The line-up

Mizuno Pro Series Irons

The Mizuno Pro 221 is designed to be the ultimate muscle back and is inspired by Mizuno’s iconic blades of the past.

Availability: 3-PW; RH only

Mizuno Pro Series Irons

The Mizuno Pro 223 is a compact players cavity back designed for elite golfers.

Availability: 4-GW; RH and LH

Mizuno Pro Series Irons

The Mizuno Pro 225 is the second generation of Mizuno’s Hot Metal Blade design and comes in to replace the MP-20 HMB. It is designed to be the most playable model in the Pro Series.

Availability: 4-GW; RH only

Mizuno Pro Series irons

The Mizuno Fli-Hi is a long iron replacement helping players with added ball speed.

Availability: 2-4; RH only

Mizuno Pro Series irons: The technology

Mizuno have stuck with many of their existing successful technologies such as the Chromoly forging for ball speed and the Grain Glow Forging and soft copper underlay for that pure Mizuno feel. But there are lots of other changes.

The main differences in the Mizuno Pro 221 come from the shaping and redistribution of weight around the club face. We also see a shorter face profile and narrower top line. They also feature a shorter shaft axis which is consistent throughout the set to allow for more consistent shot shaping.

Mizuno Pro Series Irons

The Mizuno Pro 223’s construction is all about providing more ball speed. We see a new flow micro-slot which combined with the Chromoly forging allows for a thinner club face delivering more speed and distance.

The Mizuno Pro 225 also has a thinner club face than its predecessor. This combined with the COR forged hollow body and tungsten weighting creates some series ball speed as well as a higher more stable ball flight.

Finally the Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi is a long iron replacement which is all about delivering maximum ball speeds. It has a longer head length, extra offset and a wider sole for more confidence. It also features Mizuno’s first ever Maraging MAS1C iron face which helps to drive up those ball speeds.

Mizuno Pro Series irons: The details

Available: January 20, 2022

RRP: £165 per iron (Pro 221); £180 per iron (Pro 223); £200 per iron (Pro 225); £250 per iron (Fli-Hi)

More information: Mizuno website

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