Our Mizuno JPX900 driver v JPX850 driver test took place at the Golf Shack at Moor Allerton Golf Club in Leeds.

Our regular anonymous big hitter was in the Seychelles on holiday so we drafted in his younger brother.

Mizuno JPX900 driver v JPX850 driver – The methodology

ABH’s little brother hit the JPX900 driver and JPX850 driver using the same shaft, in the same neutral settings and with the loft set at 9.5˚.

He hit five shots with each. Any really dodgy strikes were taken out. Average ones were kept in.

The results were monitored on Trackman by our resident pro James Whitaker

Mizuno JPX900 driver v JPX850 driver – The technology

Mizuno JPX900 driver

The JPX900 driver has so much shelf appeal due to the stunning blue crown and the intriguing amount of adjustability on the sole.

The head is larger than the JPX850 and the finish is a classier matt blue.


Mizuno JPX900 driver v JPX850 driver

It’s a lot closer in size to the JPX EZ driver and Mizuno say the JPX900 takes the best bits of both previous drivers.

It should be more forgiving than the JPX850 but offer less spin than the JPX EZ.


Mizuno JPX EZ driver review

As well as a bigger head, there’s increased adjustability in the JPX900.

There’s two weights, like with the JPX850, where one can be put in the heel or the toe or anywhere along a track which runs front to back.

This can help dial in spin and promote more or less face closure for particular shot shapes.

And there another pad on the sole which offers an open, closed or neutral face.

Both drivers have adjustable loft of 7.5˚ to 11.5˚ with the quick switch hosel

Mizuno JPX900 driver v JPX850 driver – The results

With the JPX850 up first we saw some really strong shots but then a few where the spin was just too low.

Some were down at 1400 so the ball was dropping out of the sky. The roll out was good but the overall carry wasn’t as far as it should have been for the swing and ball speed.

Mizuno JPX900 v JPX850

With the JPX900 the spin was consistently a bit higher which made the overall dispersion a bit tighter.

There wasn’t a huge amount of difference in ball speed although the highest came from the JPX900 which had a slightly higher average.

We’re confident a fitter could squeeze a few more yards out and control the spin by adjusting the settings and trying a few more shafts.

But, in our opinion, the JPX900 is a better performing product and has the added bonus of more adjustability, better looks sound and feel

Mizuno JPX900 driver v JPX850 driver – NCG verdict

We think the JPX900 is the best Mizuno driver to date.

It’s ticking so many boxes for looks, adjustability and performance.

Mizuno said it takes the best bits of the JPX850 and JPX EZ and it’s very hard to disagree.

It should appeal to a wide range of players so will be interesting to see if tour players and club golfers get involved.


Shaft: Fujikura Speeder 569 Evolution II (Custom options available at no upcharge)

Loft range: 7.5˚ – 11.5˚

SRP: £399

For more information visit the Mizuno website HERE