Michael Helyard is currently preparing for a season on the mini tour scene, including Jamega, 1836 and EuroPro Tours.

In the meantime, he’s joined National Club Golfer as a brand ambassador to help fund his aim of making it to the the highest level.

From playing off scratch at the age of 14, to shooting 59, to giving up the game all together to move to London for a “real job”, to finding his way back into the game, Michael joins the regular NCG Podcast team of Alex Perry and Mark Townsend to give us a fascinating insight into a side of professional golf that you don’t see.

Michael will represent National Club Golfer on the mini tours. You can follow his progress on Twitter – via @MichaelHelyard and @NCGmagazine – and he will be writing a regular column on the NCG website. He plays Cobra clubs and wears Puma shoes. He is still looking for a ball sponsor.