How will the conditions affect the Masters? Here's the latest forecast from Augusta

Will Mother Nature be kind to the players and patrons at Augusta National? Or is there a possibility of just the sixth Monday finish in Masters history? Let’s take a look at the Masters weather forecast to find out…

Masters weather forecast: Thursday

Opening day conditions will be mostly cloudy with sunny spells. Highs of 28 degrees and lows of 18 are expected, with the better conditions expected for the morning starters.

Expect more blustery conditions and a higher risk of rain for the afternoon starters.

Masters weather forecast: Friday

Day two conditions will almost certainly be worse than Thursday, with scattered thunderstorms and rain expected. Highs of 27 and lows of 17 are predicted, with no clear advantage for either morning or afternoon starters.

Precipitation is forecast at between 33% and 41% throughout the day, with a delay in play possible if thunderstorms linger of Augusta National. Wind conditions are expected to be tame throughout the day, with 5-7mph estimated.

Masters weather forecast: Saturday

The start of the weekend sees a continuation of what we expect to see on Friday, with further thunderstorms and showers expected.

Again, highs of 27 and lows of 17 are predicted, with conditions potentially favouring the morning starters. Precipitation is expected to almost double from 1pm onwards, jumping from 24% to 44% in the afternoon. Wind conditions also deteriorate as the day progresses, reportedly starting at 7mph in the morning before increasing to 13mph by 4pm.

Masters weather forecast: Sunday

Championship Sunday looks to boast the best conditions of the week, with cloudy spells and sunshine expected. Highs of 26 and lows of 14 are expected, with steady conditions throughout offering all players the chances to put a solid final round together.

Precipitation is expected to decrease throughout the day, with less than 10% expected by the time the winner slips on the green jacket. Wind conditions are estimated to be between 6mph and 11mph throughout the final round, with the trickiest conditions expected at approximately 4pm.

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