Starter for 10

Ease your way in with these straightforward posers

1) Which player has six Green Jackets?

2) What is the par of Augusta National?

3) Which British player won back-to-back Masters in 1989-90?

4) One Scot has won the Masters, who is he?

5) How many wins does Tiger Woods have?

6) Amen Corner consists of which three holes?

7) True or false: Greg Norman has won the Masters?

8) Who designed Augusta National along with Bobby Jones?

9) Which hole did Larry Mize chip in at in the 1987 play-off to deny Greg Norman?

Middle of the road

We pick the pace up with these head-scratchers
11) What day is the Champions Dinner held on?

12) What club did Sandy Lyle use from the fairway bunker in his 1988 win?

13) Who is the only Canadian to win the Masters?

14) Who was the first overseas player to win the Masters? The year was 1961.

15) Who was the first black golfer to play in the Masters?
Who shot a 66 at the age of 54 for the lowest round by a senior? The year was 1967. 16) Tiger Woods has won one play-off, who did he beat in 2005?

17) At 46 who is the oldest player to win the Masters?

18) How many Green Jackets did Seve Ballesteros and Jose Maria Olazabal win between them?

19) What is the name of the chairman of Augusta National?

20) Who is the only South American to win a Green Jacket?

For the afficianados

10 stinkers that should really get you thinking
21) What is the longest hole on the course?

22) What is the name of the white sand used in the bunkers?

23) Which two players hold the course record of 63?

24) What do you win for scoring an eagle on any hole?

25) The most birdies in one round is 11, who managed it in 2009?

26) The United States has had 56 winners, which is the next most successful nation with five wins (by three players)?

27) Which British player won last year’s Par 3 contest?

28) Who is the oldest player to finish second. He was 49 and the year was 1990.

29) Which two players share the record for most (7) consecutive birdies?

30) Who shot a 66 at the age of 54 for the lowest round by a senior? The year was 1967.

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1) Nicklaus 2) 72 3) Faldo 4) Lyle 5) Four 6) 11, 12 & 13 7) False 8) MacKenzie 9) 11th 11) Tuesday 12) 7 iron 13) Weir 14) Player 15) Elder 16) DiMarco 17) Nicklaus 18) Four 19) Billy Payne 20) Cabrera 21) 2nd 22) Feldspar 23) Norman & Price 24) Pair of crystal goblets 25) Kim 26) South Africa 27) Donald 28) Floyd 29) Pate & Woods 30) Hogan