Marcus Armitage is a professional golfer who will be playing on the European Tour from 2017.

Marcus was born in Lancashire but moved to Yorkshire to pursue his golfing ambition, becoming a member of Howley Hall Golf Club. 

After turning professional in 2008 Armitage earned his living on the EuroPro Tour and more recently the Challenge Tour, where a top 5 Order of merit finish earned him his place on the European Tour.

The 29-year old joined the Pro down the Shack to give us a bit of help in how to bomb it miles.

I do it a little bit differently to everyone else on tour. They tend to get closed and attack it from the inside. I do it the opposite way; I want to get more open so there is more room to get the speed through the ball.

Once they both dissected the shot they sat back down to talk about the key points when bombing it miles.

  • Open up the body
  • Make a full turn on the way back
  • Give it the kitchen sink!

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