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You've seen the adverts on Sky Sports but how does it perform? James Savage gives the Black Cat driver a hit...

Our Lynx Black Cat driver review took place out on the course at Moor Allerton in Leeds and back at the Golf Shack using Trackman.

Lynx were one of the biggest names in golf equipment back in the early 1990s with players such as Ernie Els and Fred Couples using their gear.

The company – now under UK ownership – pride themselves on making stylish, affordable clubs for all abilities.

Lynx Black Cat driver review – First impressions

Lynx Black Cat driver review

I first saw and hit this driver at a launch event at Swinley Forest last year.

The look is fairly compact and it has no alignment aid on the crown so instantly to me looks like it will appeal more to mid-low handicappers.

There’s a subtle matt finish on the crown which is good for reducing glare.

The sample I tested had a Grafalloy Pro Launch shaft and a Golf Pride multi-compound grip. It feels like a premium package which belies the £239 price tag.

Lynx Black Cat driver review – The technology

Lynx Black Cat driver review

This is a highly adjustable driver with 8.5˚-12.5˚ plus draw/fade settings in the hosel and moveable weights on the sole.

It’s an intuitive system which allows a heavier weight to be spun round to a back or forward position.

Forwards will result in lower spin and launch, put it in the back position for the opposite.

It’s also available in blue, black and red finishes to really add to the customisation of this product.

Lynx Black Cat driver review – The results

I hit a number of shots with this driver out on the course and hit some really good drives.

The ball flight was strong with good distance and fairly tight dispersion.

Back in the Shack the numbers were looking pretty decent on Trackman too.

Lynx Black Cat driver review

It was a tad behind my TaylorMade M2 from a ball speed point of view but the dispersion was tighter which was really pleasing to see.

I think I’d happily give up 10 yards of carry if I was going to find the middle of the fairway on a regular basis.

If I had flipped the weight to the forward position I may have got a bit more distance but I was happy with the spin numbers so didn’t feel the need to start tweaking.

Reducing the spin may have made the dispersion widen a bit and I was really happy with the grouping.

Lynx Black Cat driver review – NCG Verdict

This is easily the best Lynx driver I have hit over the past three or four years.

I like the adjustability which will really come into its own during a custom fit.

For £239 it represents decent value for money. It’s at least £100 cheaper than some of the bigger brands but are we seeing a £100 drop in performance? I’d say no.

There’s arguably more shelf appeal and a better sound and feel off the face with the TaylorMade M2 – a product which has more tour validation than anything on the market.

So it’s understandable why punters opt to pay the extra for products like the M2 and Epic, but people shouldn’t discount brands like Lynx before giving their products a try.

Just think of all the golf balls you could buy with that extra £100…

More information on the Black Cat can be found on the Lynx website.

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