With the course closed, Berkhamsted have found a way to make sure the club doesn't go stale and brought a whole new meaning to the phrase 'putt for dough'

Drive for show, putt for dough – you all know it. But one club are going against the grain in applying that well-known golf saying. Berkhamsted Golf Club are getting a rise out of their members during the lockdown in England by opening up a takeaway service and selling homemade bread.

Shifting loaves and croissants by the baker’s dozen, along with other cooked food, nothing’s been going ‘a-rye’ at the Hertfordshire club as golfers have flocked to stock up their pantries.

Assistant manager Ben Hunter says Berkhamsted have been thrilled to hand players a slice of the action during this four-week halt.

“Something that worked really well in the last lockdown was a takeaway service,” he tells NCG in a knead-to-know interview. (That’s enough now – Ed.)

“We probably sold about £1,200 of revenue and, actually, the prices were really cheap because, for us, it wasn’t really about making money – it was about delivering a great service to our members and a benefit to being a member of Berkhamsted.

“It’s not really any ordinary takeaway. We actually bake our own bread on site at the club. We serve pretty much any loaf that you can think of and fresh croissants, almond croissants. You might as well call us Berkhamsted bakery for the next month or so.”

Hunter adds: “It’s all about keeping the members connected with the club over the lockdown. That’s how we think we can engage with them.

“We have a really talented head chef and a really talented team that support him. We’re all about sustainability at Berkhamsted. We are GEO accredited and it just ties in with our mission and values.”


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