How are the winners of LIV Golf's team and individual competitions determined if scores are level after 54 holes?

With LIV Golf boasting both an individual and team competition in its season events, things could get interesting with the possibility of not one but two LIV Golf playoffs after 54 holes.

Here is the LIV Golf playoff format for both the individual and team competition…

LIV Golf playoff format


In the event of any ties after 54 holes in LIV Golf, a playoff will be played to settle the individual competition.

Under similar rules to the PGA Tour and DP World Tour, a LIV playoff will adopt a sudden-death format, with any tied golfers playing the 18th hole again.

A winner is then determined by a player scoring the lowest score among the remaining players.


In the event of any ties in the LIV Golf team competition, each captain will pick two players (given those players are not involved in an individual playoff) to play together in a sudden-death, aggregate score playoff.

The pair with the lowest combined aggregate score will then secure the win for their team. If the score is the same, teams will advance to the next playoff hole until a winner is determined.

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