Golfers need each other now more than ever, so what can we do for you?

Hello readers,

It’s our job to write about golf. So with no golf to cover for the foreseeable future these are clearly not ordinary times.

We think it’s incumbent on us to keep you updated with all the latest coronavirus developments that pertain to golf. You can rely on us to do that. It’s a fast-moving situation so keep checking in. We’re working closely with the game’s major stake-holders to bring you the latest, most detailed and most accurate information.

Here is a taste of what we’ve already done in a bid to provide you with as much information as possible:

We’re also aware, and increasingly so the longer this situation goes on, that you might want to come to to read about the game you love and for a brief distraction. To reminisce, to be entertained and perhaps even to smile – whether it be a quiz or some simple nostalgia. We’ll aim to do all those things.

We’re also well and truly open to your ideas. What would you like to read more about in the days and weeks ahead? How can we entertain you? Please let us know by reaching out in the comments below, or through social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We golfers have always relied on each other – whether to find each others’ errant tee shots or to play our self-policing game with integrity. We’re likely to need each other more than ever now.

As an American friend of mine likes to sign off his emails:

Fairways and greens,

Dan and the NCG team