When playing in tough conditions it’s important to be able to control your ball flight. Hitting lower and higher trajectories is key when trying to get around the golf course.

Creating a low ball trajectory

The first thing I would change is the dynamic loft. We need to produce less loft to get the ball launching lower and try and control that with our angle of attack as we come in.

We then want to reduce the speed ever so slightly to make sure the ball doesn’t reach its peak height.

Ball position is going to go back in the stance a little. So I’m going to move towards my target and now that golf ball is 3 or 4 inches behind the centre of my stance.

To help control the loft of the golf club I’m going to just lean the handle slightly forward.

Ever so slightly put an extra bit of pressure on your left side to feel like you’re slightly ahead of the ball. Finally when you swing feel like you are swinging at 75 per cent.

Creating a higher ball trajectory

You would essentially do the opposite of what you would do when trying to keep the ball low.

You have to be careful though because you can end up really over exaggerating things and start to hit the ground too soon before the ball.

I want you to play the ball slightly further forward in your stance but not lean your body or the shaft back, that will only result in problems.

Before you grip the club ever so slightly open the club face up, obviously this will result in directional issues so I’d like you to open your stance up a little bit so that the club face is square to target.