Is it really necessary for Justin Rose, or any of the other elite players, to be out on tour at this time of year? Two of our writers have their say…

Yes, says James Savage

Firstly, the Indonesian Masters is a fairly decent event which Lee Westwood has won three times.

Admittedly the field was pretty weak this year and the winner “only” trousered $135,000. Rose landed more than double that for his tied-4th finish at the DP World Tour Championship.

But I can make a case for Rose playing in Indonesia for golfing and commercial reasons.

He’s playing some of the best golf of his career at the moment so why not make hay while the sun is shining?

It’s a chance to end the year on a high and rack up some world ranking points while Sergio Garcia is dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on his Callaway contract and Rory McIlroy is messing about in the snow.

Yes it’s a lot of travelling and time away from his family but he’ll still be having more time off at Christmas than us with proper jobs and he’ll be taking home more money than we’ll make in three or four years for a week’s work.

Rose is a fantastic ambassador for golf – he’s a sponsor’s dream. He’s just signed a lucrative deal with Morgan Stanley.

He doesn’t just turn up for his appearance fee – he plays some sensational golf, wins the thing, says all the right things and comes back with his stock even higher.

I’d say it was a decent week’s work.

Justin Rose

No, says Joe Urquhart

We all love playing golf.

But, after these past few weeks I’m not convinced anyone loves playing the game quite as much as Justin Rose.

Since October 29 he has been to China, Turkey, Dubai, Hong Kong, the Bahamas and Indonesia.

Granted three of those events are the European Tour’s finale but the other three?

Victories in China and Turkey gave Rose a shot in Dubai but a final round collapse at the turn gave the title to Tommy Fleetwood.

After witnessing his demise you would have been forgiven for assuming he was burnt out from a manic end of year schedule.

But off to Hong Kong we went.

Then it was back home to the Bahamas for Tiger’s long-awaited return.

This is it. This is where it all ends is. Well done on a great year Justin which started in play-off defeat at Augusta and finished with two great wins. You’re LITERALLY at home.


Indonesia I hear you say? Fire up the jets.

I am all for capitalising on solid form and his game is clearly in a good place but a bit of R&R never hurt anyone.

Appearance fees at this point are futile and burning yourself out before the season begins again in, oh, about 14 days’ time or something is not advisable for any of the top players – especially one who is aiming to peak for the majors in 2018.

It’s time to go home, Justin.

Maybe walk the dog, take on a DIY project and have some quality family time with the kids, but for crying out loud put the damn golf clubs away for just one week.

Oh, and merry Christmas.

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