It may be golf's most radical range in terms of both looks and technology - and Hannah Holden has everything you need to know about Cobra's Radspeed clubs

Following on from the phenomenal success of 2020’s Speedzone range, Cobra have hit the upgrade button and introduced the Radspeed range for 2021.

Before we get into the details let’s start with the name. Radspeed is influenced by its key, innovative technology: new radial weighting.

This concept came from an engineering formula called the radius of gyration? I don’t think I want to know how that was discovered…

In layman’s terms, this refers to how far each weight or technology location on the club is from the centre of gravity of the club.

Cobra Radspeed

So if, say, on a driver you increase the distance between the front and back weights this increases the radius of gyration and gives you a blend of increased ball speed, lower spin, and increased forgiveness.

Across the Radspeed range Cobra have taken these findings and utilised radial weighting to deliver the distinct performance characteristics needed in each club.

Now this is no mean feat as the range features three drivers, three fairway woods, a hybrid, and a new set of irons. So let’s dive in…

First impressions

Cobra Radspeed

I love the aesthetics in this range from Cobra. From the new yellow and black colourway to the different materiality and textures on show. There are also some new matte finishes on certain metal woods throughout the range which I think look great behind the golf ball.

Cobra Radspeed drivers

There are three new drivers from Cobra this year, the Radspeed, the Radspeed XB, and the Radspeed XD.

The range uses a lighter T-Bar speed chassis and a thinner carbon fibre crown to save weight which could be moved lower in the club to lower CG and produce more speed. We still have the CNC milled infinity face for consistent performance off every driver face.

Cobra Radspeed

As always the key theme across the range is more distance so what does each model offer?

Radspeed: This is for players with high clubhead speeds who want faster ball speeds, low spin, and to control their trajectory. It has a 460cc traditional shaped head and forward biased radial weighting to appeal to the better player. A balance of front and back weighting promotes speed and stability.

Cobra Radspeed

Radspeed XB: If you are looking for more distance as well as consistency across the face in the form forgiveness and stability this is the model for you. It features an oversized head at address and has rear-biased radial weighting to deliver the fastest at straightest ball flight in the Radspeed line up.

Radspeed XD: This is for those who want distance while reducing their slice or creating a draw. Again this has an oversized 460cc profile but with heel-biased radial weighting to promote a draw.

Cobra Radspeed fairway woods

The story of three sticks as Cobra are also offering three models of fairway woods albeit with different names to their driver counterparts.

The range utilises a thinner carbon crown which allowed weight to be moved forward and down to increase ball speed. Again radial weighting is a key story here focusing weight at the front and the back of the club to achieve more distance and stability.

Cobra Radspeed

Radspeed: This has a traditional shape with 16 grams of weight in the front and 7g in the back to deliver ultra-low spin, with high launch and forgiveness. It also features a CNC Milled Infinity Face for the first time in a fairway wood.

Radspeed Big Tour and Radspeed Tour: The Big Tour is slightly oversized and has the strongest loft in the range designed for the fastest ball speeds and lowest spin. In comparison the Tour 5-wood to accompany this has a really compact profile for maximum workability.

Cobra Radspeed

Radspeed Draw: Finally the Radspeed Draw really does what it says on the tin. It features 16g on internal heel biased weighting to promote a draw bias flight and a medium to high launch. This model also features the CNC milled infinity face.

Cobra Radspeed hybrids

Cobra continue to offer their hybrids in both variable and one length offerings highlighted by the colour differences. They feature the same radial weighting story but focus on extra front weighting for ultra low spin, faster ball speeds, and increased distances.

Cobra Radspeed

The face features a forged high-strength steel insert and there are also hollow split rails on the sole which not only provide versatility off a variety of lies but lower the CG for higher launch angles and more distance.

NOW WATCH THE REVIEW: We put the Radspeed hybrid to the test

Cobra Radspeed irons

The irons have probably one of the coolest tech stories in the range as they feature the same 3D printing technology we saw Cobra recently unveil in their special edition putter.

The irons feature a 3D-printed nylon medallion. This is an intricate lattice structure which saves weight in the club head and allows Cobra to lower the centre of gravity. But it also dampens harsh vibrations at impact to deliver a lovely soft feel.

Cobra Radspeed

Again the irons use radial weighting with more masss low on the heel and toe to lower the CG significantly and also improve the overall stability. The toe weight can actually be adjusted in custom fittings as well to dial the club into your needs.

We have the carbon fibre topline that we saw in the previous Speedzone offerings and Cobras Pwrshell forged face insert for increased ball speed.

The sets feature progressive head shapes, groove shapes and hosel lengths to optimise distance, launch and accurate for each club in the bag.

NOW WATCH THE REVIEW: We put the Radspeed irons to the test

Anything else?

The whole Cobra Radspeed range will continue to feature Cobra Connect powered by Arccos. Both the irons and hybrids are also available with the one-length 7-iron shafts so you can channel your inner Bryson DeChambeau.

So there you have it. If you have any questions you can tweet me and make sure you keep an eye on NCG for a full review coming soon…

The nerdy stuff

Driver lofts: 9/10.5° (Radspeed); 9/10.5/12° (Radspeed XB); 10.5/12° (Radspeed XD)

Driver shafts: Fujikura Motore X F3, Project X Hzrdus RDX Blue, Fujikura Motore X F1 (Radspeed); Project X Even Flow Riptide, Fujikura Motore X F3, Project X Hzrdus RDX Blue (Radspeed XB); Project X Even Flow Riptide, Fujikura Motore X F3 (Radspeed XD)

Variable iron shafts: KBS Tour 90 or UST Recoil ESX 460

One Length iron shafts: KBS Tour 80 (4-6), KBS Tour 90 (7-9) and Tour 120 (PW-SW) or UST Recoil ESX 460 (4-9) and UST Recoil ESX 480 (PW-SW)

Grips: Lamkin Crossline Connect (Cobra Connect)


Available: January 29, 2021

RRP: £369 (drivers); £229 (fairway woods); £189 (hybrid); £749 (irons, steel shafts); £849 (irons, graphite shafts)

More info: Cobra website

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