Inside a driver fitting: NCG Ultimate Driver test

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Our readers test all of the greatest wares from the biggest manufacturers

How often have you picked a club off the shelf and it worked perfectly for you almost instantly?

Many clubs, even the most expensive and high-tech pieces of golf gear are not tailored for you, the consumer.

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When you are likely to spend hundreds of pounds on a piece of equipment, surely it’s right to get something that is specifically made to your exact specifications?

This is the reason that custom fitting is so important, even at the lower end of the golf ability range.

Our readers came to our biggest ever reader testing day featuring all the biggest and best manufacturers in golf with sole aim. To be fitted into, and test 2015’s ranges.

See what we thought of the drivers…

Our day took place at Moor Allerton Golf Club, just outside Leeds. We had readers come from all over the country for this fantastic opportunity unlike any other to test the best kit in golf in a one-stop-shop scenario.

This was truly one of the biggest reader events of it’s kind for golfers in the UK.

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