A great way of adding more fun to your driving range practise is to go with a friend from the golf club or someone from work.

For a start it makes it far more sociable. You wouldn’t go and play a round by yourself so don’t assume that you have to fly solo when heading to the range.

By all means work on things that are relevant to your game. You want to get the most out of the session for yourself but when you’ve got about 10/15 balls left then challenge your range buddy to a game.

Take it it turns to call the shot – the highest drive, the biggest draw, nearest to the 100 yard marker – it can be anything you want.

The player who wins goes one up, then repeat 10 or 15 times to find the overall winner in matchplay format.

Add a forfeit for the loser or simply make them buy the drinks in the bar afterwards.

Click on the video to see performance coach Duncan McCarthy go head-to-head with James Savage from National Club Golfer.

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