Being able to customise your driver is hardly new, but not many people know how to do it or what the benefits are. Hannah Holden explains

It’s fairly common knowledge that there is a huge array of customisation available when golfers go for a driver fitting. But what about when you receive your new club?

Adjustable hosels and moveable weight tracks mean you can customise the clubs performance even further. This is especially useful if you have made some swing changes since your initial driver fitting and don’t want to have to splash out on another big stick.

How do adjustable drivers work?

Now this is golf equipment so nothing’s ever simple! To make matters confusing, every brand has their own adjustable hosel that works in a slightly different way.

The broad principles remain the same, though. Adjustable driver hosels can change loft, lie, and face angle to help you dial in the height and shape of your shots. Whether you want to hit it higher, lower, or reduce a slice, there is a setting that will help your game.

Changing the loft will enable you to hit your shots higher or lower, this is achieved by changing the face angle to allow the golfer to deliver the club with more or less dynamic loft at impact.

Changing your shot shape however is all about lie angle, which is commonplace in irons but it isn’t always the main priority when it comes to the driver.

Making the lie angle more upright should help promote a draw whilst making it flatter would help promote a fade.

In the video – which you can watch at the top of the page – I met up with Titleist club fitter James Robinson to find out exactly how to adjust my TSi3 driver settings and see how much difference changing the hosels and weights can make to my shot shape.

How to adjust your driver: Titleist driver settings

Titleist use a series of letters and numbers on the hosel which provide 16 different settings from which to choose.

titleist driver settings

Although the Titleist driver settings may seem complicated, the SureFit grid below explains how the hosel positions affects shot shape. If you bought a driver of the shelf it would come in the standard A1 position which is the most neutral option available.

titleist driver settings

The best way to understand this grid is to imagine you’re hitting a golf ball towards it. Each box is a window that represents a certain ball flight and shot direction. If you hit the ball too low you want to move up the grid to hit it higher. If you want to hit the ball further left, move to the left of the grid.

The D2 setting here would ultimately be the most draw bias and also the lowest launching. In contrast the B4 would be the highest launching and the most fade bias.

The great thing about this system is you don’t need a launch monitor to test this out. Simply head to the range with your driver wrench and take note of the changes in ball flight for each setting.

So next time you want to change your shot shape try playing around with your Titleist driver settings!

All clothing and shoes used in our videos are supplied by FootJoy. This video was filmed at the Titleist National Fitting Centre at St Ives.

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