Another week, another ridiculous tale from the golfing world

It’s increasingly common now – particularly in the age of social media – to see stories of incredible achievements on the golf course.

We’ve heard a few tales in our time of two players in a group recording holes-in-one on the same par-3, but this is next level.

The Twitter account for the men’s golf team at Holy Cross, a college not far from Boston, said that two of their players went one better. (Well, two better, I suppose.)

During a practice round, students Owen Egan and Christian Emmerich recorded both recorded an albatross on the same hole!

Don’t believe me? Here’s the tweet…

What are the odds on that? Well, if you read the headline you’ll know that holing an albatross is settled at six-million-to-one. I can’t even begin what the number would be for two six-million-to-one shots within minutes of each other. And, no, it’s not 12-million-to-one. (Is it?)

Anyway, it doesn’t say where the albatross feat happened. The Holy Cross Crusaders play their golf at nearby Worcester Country Club – which you’ll know as the venue for the first ever Ryder Cup in 1927 – but the 8th hole there is a par-3.

I’ve slid into their DMs for more details.

In the meantime, why don’t you check out some other ridiculous achievements we’ve written about in the past couple of years? Who can forget Kevin Pon’s condor? Or Ryan Brooks and the most remarkable scorecard you’ll ever see? Or Richard Mansell’s oh-so-near at Beau Desert?

What a time to be alive.

Image credit: @HCrossMGolf/Twitter

Joshua Hall

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