Hitting a draw is what every amateur golfer wants to achieve right?

Well Altrincham teaching professional and former European Access Series player Holly Calvert headed down to the Shack to show us exactly how to do it.

Asked how she manipulates the ball in the air, Holly replied;

I drop my right foot back a little, which helps bring the path more on the inside. I also close the club face a little more. It feels sometimes when I am paying a draw I almost elbow myself on the way down.

The Pro then wanted to know a little bit more about the role of her hands during the shot and what the three main points are when attempting a draw;

I make sure I rotate and release the hands a little more than a standard shot, it helps you get that draw you want after impact.

In terms of the three main points first I would say to keep your stance closed, second would be to close the club face ever so slightly, and lastly, make sure you release your hands to get the club head rotating.

So remember;

  • Keep your stance closed
  • Close the club face ever so slightly
  • Release your hands to rotate the club

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