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These can help keep you playing golf through the winter and ensure you don't fall out with the greenkeepers, writes equipment editor James Savage

Our Hedgehog winter trolley wheels review took place out on the course at Moor Allerton in Leeds.

Many courses have trolley bans in place during the winter or they will have a ‘hedgehog winter trolley wheels only’ rule in place.

Many brands such as Motocaddy have their own hedgehog winter wheels but the models we tested out were from the Hedgehog Golf Company.

Hedgehog winter trolley wheels review – The technology

hedgehog winter trolley wheels

So why are greenkeepers so keen to keep electric trolleys off the course during the winter?

Well, when it’s wet and muddy trolley wheels can cause serious damage to the course.

If you think about an electric trolley, it has two motor-powered wheels which have a fair bit of weight on top of them.

So what’s going to happen when they try and rotate in wet and muddy conditions? They are going to skid and make a right mess of the course.

hedgehog winter trolley wheels

The Hedgehog Fairway Protectors have parabolic studs which reduce contact with the soil surface by over 85 per cent, making it immediately easier to pull.

By fitting a set of Hedgehogs on your wheels, the weight is displaced across the tyres,

Hedgehog say having a set of their wheels on is like having power steering on your car.

Hedgehog winter trolley wheels review – Getting started

The wheels we tested couldn’t have been easier to attach. They had the exact same fittings as the wheels on the Motocaddy S1 which we were using for the test.

hedgehog winter trolley wheels


Now there was a third, front wheel but after speaking with Motocaddy we were advised not to take the front wheel off the S1.

hedgehog winter trolley wheels

And seeing as it’s the rear wheels which are powered by the motor, we didn’t feel it essential to attach the replacement front wheel.

Other trolley brands may have more easily detachable front wheels but we’d recommend checking before removing it.

Hedgehog winter trolley wheels review – On the course

hedgehog winter trolley wheels

The difference is huge. The whole trolley is much easier to control.

And you feel much better about yourself for protecting the golf course.

And the greenkeepers will respect you a lot more. They might even give you right of way when out on the course. Unlikely, but we can live in hope.

hedgehog winter trolley wheels

We also noticed after the round that the Hedgehog wheels weren’t even that muddy.

No one wants to be spending ages cleaning their shoes AND their trolley wheels after a winter round.

Hedgehog winter trolley wheels review – NCG verdict

If you’re a trolley user and want to keep playing through the winter months then these are an absolutely essential.

We know lots of people who will resort to a pencil bag and a half set when the course gets a little boggy but you’re allowed 14 clubs so why not use them all?

They aren’t that expensive but maybe suggest to your club that they buy some in and make them available to hire?

It might bring in a little bit of extra revenue during the quieter periods but it will help preserve the course and help people enjoy their golf more.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

Hedgehog winter trolley wheels
SRP: From £34.99

More information can be found on the Hedgehog Golf website.

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