Balding has become an issue for more and more people around the world, statistics indicating that both men and women face this problem in higher percentages nowadays than in the past.  However, hair loss does not affect regular people only, as sportsmen are also prone to such problems. One category of sportsmen dealing with hair loss issues is professional golfers and research indicates that there are several reasons behind such a problem. Luckily, in our days, the solution to correcting hair loss permanently is hair transplant, and one of the best-known facts is that Turkey is one of the cheapest countries in the world for such a procedure. Just as known is the fact that the experienced hair transplant doctors in Turkey can perform such operations by using the latest medical techniques.

Returning to the main reasons for hair loss in professional golfers, let’s see some of the most common ones below.

Golf caps can lead to hair loss

Several young professional golf players have been spotted to have hair loss issues, fact which has led specialists to consider golf caps one of the main reasons of hair loss in golf players. In the medical community it is known that wearing hats, but most of all putting them on and taking them off, like golfers do, will cause traction alopecia, which is one of the most important causes of hair loss.

Genetics and diet also play a major role in hair loss

Wearing golf caps is not sufficient to face hair loss issues, and golf players, no matter their level of expertise, are only human which makes them prone to genetic, hormonal and diet problems which, in time, lead to hair loss. As a matter of fact, genetics is one of the most important factors to lead to balding in people all over the world.

Sportsmen and stress

Winning tournament after tournament is not easy and the highest cost of performance is permanently working under stress. As another 21-year old golf player says, winning a tournament is not as a major concern as his hair loss issue is. This is all because the great pressure he is under all the time. Medically speaking, stress is known to cause hair falling problems.

Even if it may seem unimportant in the beginning, hair loss can turn into a real problem and sportsmen, no matter if they are golf or football players, are also affected by it just like regular persons. However, thanks to medical breakthroughs, this condition too can be resolved with the help of medication or hair transplants.