Are you sick of Tiger Woods yet? Well Greg Norman is.

The super-fit 63-year-old told the Golf WRX podcast last week that he “doesn’t care what Tiger does with golf”.

Now, the headline quote might sound a bit inflammatory, but what Norman was actually saying was, hey, there are loads of other cool players out here to get excited about.

An age-old argument, I’ve even said it on here. I’ve had meetings where I’ve said it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy Tiger’s comeback AND the fact the game is blessed with young talent.

Norman should be happy that Tiger’s back – it’s putting eyeballs on television screens, despite the coverage being mind-numbingly tedious most of the time – and if people are coming to watch Tiger and staying for Spieth and co. then that’s all right with me.

Norman explained his reasoning with this first-class take on Tiger: “Golf probably needs him to some degree but golf doesn’t need him, if you know what I mean.”

No, Greg, I’m not sure I do.

Player. Leader. Legend

Sticking with Tiger, Jim Furyk announced him as one of his vice-captains for the Ryder Cup in Paris later this year.

Is there anything this man can’t do?


Now, Justin Thomas says fans are getting a little out of control, shouting in backswings, things like that.

Now obviously that’s not acceptable behaviour, but if you put thousands of people in one place and ply them with cheap beer, then of course at least some of them are going to misbehave.

We’re in the age of the rowdy sports fan. And let’s not forget the PGA Tour actually created this.

Remember the 16th at the Phoenix Open? You should, it was only a couple of weeks ago. Everyone loves that!

I can’t get on board with JT saying about how they’re playing for thousands of dollars. You wouldn’t be playing for said thousands if it wasn’t for the fans.

Of course shouting while a player is swinging is deplorable, but don’t create the monster then moan about him scaring your kids.

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