Are you fed up trying to maintain and improve your game through the harsh winter months? Perhaps there's another way

The latest state-of-the-art golf simulator from Golfzon has been released at the Leadbetter Golf Academy European headquarters at Stoke Park. So what’s all the fuss about?

Well, the official line is the newly installed technology provides the ultimate educational facility. After being given the opportunity to try for myself, I have to say, it’s a serious piece of kit.

If visiting Stoke Park specifically, golfers can take advantage of the three newly installed high-definition simulators located in their indoor studio. Each of them come equipped with two high-speed cameras and the proprietary T2 sensor, which accurately trace club movement and impact of all shots, including mishits and individual flaws. Adding to the sense of realism, fast processing of high-precision data displays immediate launch of the ball.

Another great feature unique is the moving swing plate. The high-tech tee mat automatically adjusts to uphill, downhill, and side-hill lies, by simulating course slopes from the tee box to the putting green, with the user or coach able to determine the slope setting at the start of the session.

golf simulator

And Leadbetter, who was there himself to launch the product alongside world-renowned biomechanics expert JJ Rivet, believes the data this golf simulator is able to capture will ensure coaches can deliver more focussed practice for their students.

He said: “We hope the new GOLFZON-Leadbetter indoor academy will prove to be a great facility for members and guests at Stoke Park to practice and play indoors. There can be no more excuses about the weather! Year-round golfers will now be able to work on their games and track their progress, making their practice more effective.”

The launch wasn’t reserved just for golfing royalty. Also in attendance was ex-Chelsea forward and 5-handicapper, Gianfranco Zola. The former Premier League star said: “I think GOLFZON simulators within the Leadbetter Academy are fantastic. You have that instant data in front of you which can only help you improve, especially when you have the best coach in David telling you what you should be doing.”

Overall, the new GOLFZON simulators are a great way for golfers to bridge the gap between Autumn and Spring. With more than 200 courses on offer – including St Andrews and Pebble Beach – they provide tremendous realism, allowing you to recreate real-life weather conditions and slopes from the comfort of an indoor studio.

Citing South Korea as an example, Leadbetter believes the area this golf simulator has the greatest potential is its ability to attract newcomers to the sport. And I can see his point. After all, what’s more likely to entice kids to take up our beautiful game: slogging it out for four-plus hours on a wet course, or escaping the winter weather for some indoor fun that takes half the time?

How are you planning to work on your game this winter? Let me know in the comments or tweet me.

GOLFZON is a leading global golf culture and best-selling golf simulator company. With a presence in 62 countries around the world, 56 million rounds of golf are played on the GOLFZON system per year.