Top 6: Halloween golfer lookalikes

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Were these golf personalities and spooky film doppelgängers separated at birth?

As we started mulling over which of our favourite horror flicks we will be watching this Halloween, it begged the question of which golfers look like famous spooky characters?

From Freddy Krueger to Slimer from Ghostbusters, there are some cracking lookalikes in our list, and a few tenuous ones, but it’s all in good fun…

6. Anyone from the Trilby Tour and Freddy Krueger

Halloween golfer lookalikes

If Freddy Krueger wasn’t busy killing people in their dreams then he could carve out a career for himself on the Trilby Tour.

The serial killer from the A Nightmare on Elm Street series already sports a similar hat that is part of the dress code of the annual UK amateur tournament.

Gripping his clubs with those razor blades might be an issue though, but someone can point him in the direction of the pro shop.

5. Charley Hull and Sarah Jessica Parker in Hocus Pocus

Halloween golfer lookalikes

Being compared to Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Sarah Sanderson in the hit film Hocus Pocus is a compliment in my eyes.

The Sex and the City actress played an attractive but villainous witch who is resurrected, along with her two sisters, and sets about drawing the life out of the children in Salem in order to preserve the sisters’ youthful looks.

I think Charley should just stick to displaying her magic on the golf course.

4. Jack Nickalus and Hannibal Lecter

Halloween golfer lookalikes

If I ever catch legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus supping on a glass of Chianti and devouring some fava beans then I will be moving swiftly to the nearest exit.

Although you have to squint to see the resemblance, there is definitely a likeness around the eyes…

3. Brandt Snedeker and the kid from The Shining

Halloween golfer lookalikes

Apart from the wrong hair colour, I could easily believe from his picture that the kid from The Shining (Danny Torrance) grew up to be American golfer Brandt Snedeker.

Did you know that the actor who played Danny, who is called Danny Lloyd, quit acting when he was nine and actually grew up to become a biology professor at a community college in Kentucky?

2. Butch Harmon and Slimer

Halloween golfer lookalikes

Admittedly this is a little harsh on poor Butch but who doesn’t love Slimer from Ghostbusters?

The green ghost is adored by film audiences, as is Butch for his TV commentary on Major tournaments.

1. Donald Trump and Chucky

Halloween golfer lookalikes

OK, so this has a loose connection to golf. Donald Trump, the rich businessman and politician, owns several golf courses across the globe.

He also bears a likeness to demonic doll, Chucky…poor Chucky!

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