GolfBuddy launches PT4 handheld GPS device

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New GolfBuddy device boasts largest screen in the handheld GPS device market

GolfBuddy’s new PT4 handheld GPS device has landed in the UK and it’s packed with new features and technology. 

The PT4 boasts the largest screen of any golf GPS in the market.

Using a super-fast smartphone-quality screen has enabled GolfBuddy to add even more advancements to the award-winning GPS technology which saw the PT4’s predecessor – the Platinum – twice named the best golf GPS in the UK.

Features include:

Pinch & Zoom Hole View
After touching the small + icon at the side of every hole view, the user can zoom in and out by ‘pinching’ the screen.

Width & Depth of Green
The width and depth of green is always shown directly from the golfer’s angle of approach, giving them a true picture of what lies ahead.

EasyView Distance Arcs
Clearly labeled distance arcs from the tee and to the green give instance visual distance reference points.

Fixed Lay-up Point setting
The golfer can select a point on any hole and the ‘blue pin’ which appears will always give a distance to that point. 

Auto, Sequential, Manual hole settings
The PT4 will always pick up any hole in Automatic mode. But on tight courses, where its sensitivity may ‘switch’ holes if the golfer gets wayward, selecting Manual means the golfer can select each hole as they play it. In sequential mode the unit will stay on a hole until the green is reached and then automatically move to the next tee.

Moveable Pin Placement
The golfer touch and drag the flag to any point on the green. In Hi-Contrast Green View an additional grid overlay assists with placement.

Safe Storage Mode
When in the golfer’s bag, PT4 can be turned ‘face-in’ in the free bag mount provided. This prevents it being banged or scratched. Smooth-on screen protectors are also supplied.

There are no annual membership fees and no hidden costs to download courses.

SRP: £299.95

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