How much does it cost? And how does it perform? Steve Carroll has everything you need to know about the GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom rangefinder

Small enough to fit in your pocket, does the GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom Rangefinder still pack a punch? The company believe you’ll be blown away by the measurement speed.

GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom Rangefinder Review: NCG Summary

GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom rangefinder review
4.5 star review

There’s a cliché that good things come in small packages but it’s never more truer than in the GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom Rangefinder. It locks on to flags extremely quickly, provides clear and accurate measurements, and it’s credit card size will appeal to those strapped for space.


  • Extremely fast, but accurate, measurement speeds.
  • Simplicity of clear display, and numbering, makes getting yardages is very easy.
  • Compact size a huge plus if space is an issue.
  • You’ll use scan mode more than you’ll realise. A real bonus off the tee.


  • Slope is engaged in the set-up and you’ll need the instruction manual to turn it off. Be careful you don’t get disqualified in a competition.
  • Focus toggle is on the stiff side.

GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom Rangefinder

Now: £279.95

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GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom Rangefinder: First Impressions

Remember those Nokia phones that were just tiny? Prepare for a hefty feeling of deja vu when you first unbox the GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom Rangefinder.

Miniscule, minute, mini – GolfBuddy themselves prefer pocket – there are no shortage of synonyms that adequately grasp the small scale of this distance measuring device.

It’s the same size as a credit card (exact measurements are 3.3 x 2.24 x 1.12 inches) and fits in your pocket with some room to spare. You operate it essentially through two buttons on the top – mode and on/off measure – but despite the overall size of the device, they are large enough to cater for most fingers.

A compact rangefinder needs a compact case too, and the one included in the box is magnetic, leather, and high quality. A USB-C charger provides an effective, and quick, power-up and GolfBuddy say you’ll get 5,000 uses before you’ll need to plug it in again.

I’m a big fan of USB charging in general, as I’ve damaged a laser more than once trying to get the cover off the back to put a new watch-sized circle into a tiny space. I don’t recommend you do this with a knife. So anything that makes the process of charging easier is very welcome.

GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom rangefinder review

GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom Rangefinder: NCG Review

Lots of rangefinders come with fancy displays and loads of modes but let’s cut to the chase – what do you really want from a rangefinder? You want the distance and you want it fast. So you should look no further than the GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom Rangefinder.

In testing at York Golf Club, this laser was so efficient it was buzzing in delight almost immediately after I’d pressed the button. It is super quick, and accurate too. I compared it against another DMD and a GPS device and they were all within one yard. Given the speed at which the Atom finds the target, it’s really very impressive.

And you can get into a really good groove as well. No messing around re-measuring, no difficulty locking on to target. It locks on, buzzes, and gives you the distance in milliseconds. This was all the more impressive during my round at York, where there were a lot of back flags which were set against a busy parkland tree line. I’ve found some lasers have a lot of difficulty seeing the wood from the trees, so to speak, but there were no problems with the GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom Rangefinder.

The display is large through the eyepiece, the numbers are clear and easy to pick out. Some of the modes, such as Scan to pick out surrounding features, and which you should definitely take advantage of from the tee when scoping hazards, are really helpful.

I didn’t like that Slope was automatically on, and required a look through the manual to turn it off. For those of you who can’t be bothered, you need to hold down the Mode button until it disappears but I just know someone is going to come unstuck with this feature during a tournament because they’ve forgotten to adjust it. I’d prefer you to have to turn it on through the modes rather than that being the case as default.

Don’t be afraid to be a little rough with the focus toggle, either. It’s definitely on the stiff side and you’ll need to rotate it firmly – at least in the first instance – to get it moving and set up to your eyesight.

These are minor niggles, though. The magnification is great. It’s a clear view, the graphics are foolproof, and it really as easy as point and click.

This rangefinder’s size gives you options as well. At just two pounds in weight, it’s so light that it sits in your pocket without breaking your concentration at all. If you prefer to pack it up, the case is premium quality with a bag attachment that looks like it will easily stand up to the rigours of a busy season.

GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom rangefinder review

GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom Rangefinder: Final thoughts

Whether it’s the luxurious ivory leather magnetic case included, the bright 6x magnification viewfinder, the accurate measurement with vibration, or the IPX4 water resistant casing, everything about the GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom Rangefinder screams high quality.

The Laser Atom is smaller than anything out there on the market and that’s an absolute virtue of the product. The quick charging, but long lasting, rechargeable Li Ion battery makes searching for odd-shaped batteries a thing of the past and you’ll soon come to depend on its quick but accurate measurements out on the course.

In a market that’s saturated with choice, this is a product that should be right at the top of your list.

GolfBuddy GB Laser Atom Rangefinder: The Details

Available: Now.

RRP: £279.95

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