Introducing the all-new Golf Pride MCC Teams collection. Your team, your grip. It's a winning combination, writes Dan Murphy

There are certain colours that make us feel good – and more often than not they are related to our favourite team. The new Golf Pride MCC Teams collection allows us to show our support without compromising on performance.

There are 15 combinations available – and football fans will be pleased to learn that they cover most of the most popular teams in the country. Certainly, the new Premier League champions Liverpool can be saluted, and if you think Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United are truly resurgent then there is a grip to express that sentiment.

There’s a shade of Manchester City sky blue and Celtic and Rangers fans will certainly be able to express their allegiance on the golf course.

The same is true for supporters of the likes of Everton, Newcastle United, Spurs, Arsenal, Aston Villa, Leeds and many more.

Of course, the same applies to fans of rugby, cricket and any other cause that you are proud to support – for example you could choose the colours of your own golf club.

Golf Pride MCC Teams grips: First impressions

Wow – customising your golf equipment just went to a new level. This is exactly the kind of thing that makes your friends demand to know where they can get some for themselves. The Golf Pride MCC Teams grips look fantastic – especially in your chosen colours.

Golf Pride MCC Teams grips: The Tech

Golf Pride MCC Teams grips

The USP of Golf Pride MCC Teams is that you are getting top-of-the-range grips from the overwhelming market leader in grips that just happen to feature the colours of your favourite team. 

The MCC is the #1 Grip Series Worldwide and has been used by both amateurs and professionals to win over 250 times on tour.

The patented multi-compound design fuses the positive performance of rubber and cord for the ultimate in feel and responsiveness while providing an opportunity for golfers to demonstrate their passion for their sports team through unique styling.

Anyone who has tried Multi Compound grips over the years will know that the combination of cord under your top hand for control allied to a softer rubber under your bottom hand for feel is a winning one.

“The MCC Teams grips are an extremely exciting collection that will enable sports fans across the globe to show their support and passion for their team every time they grip the golf club”, said Bruce Miller, product manager at Golf Pride.

“Available now, this latest addition to the MCC family maintains the same high-level performance and quality that the multi-compound design has consistently delivered to win over 20 major championships.”

MCC Teams are now available at retail now in standard size and midsize.

Golf Pride are also giving golfers the opportunity to help select the next MCC Teams colours by heading to the Golf Pride MCC Teams website.

Golf Pride MCC Teams grips: NCG verdict

Golf Pride MCC Teams grips

Many of us golfers are also fans of sport more generally and always like to take the chance to show our colours. If you’re anything like me then you will have had your fingers burned over the years by many golf-themed gifts (often to self) from the official club shop that haven’t lived up to the billing.

Naff headcovers, umbrellas, bobble hats, pitchmark repairers and towels are just a few that spring to mind that have have either fallen apart after a couple of rounds or never quite been fit for purpose.

There are no such problems with Golf Pride MCC Teams where you are getting the best of both worlds – a fantastic product in your favourite colours.

Golf Pride MCC Teams grips: The details

Available: Now
RRP: £12 (standard), £13 (mid-size)

Fancy showing your team’s colours on the course with Golf Pride’s MCC Teams collection? Check out the colour options on the Golf Pride MCC Teams website.

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