It can be a scary, scary world out there, and we wouldn’t like you to go unprepared for all the dangers you can encounter out on the course.


So here at National Club Golfer, we’re the publication for the everyday player and so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you a step-by-step introduction to the wonderful world of the golfing lexicon.

Word of the week: Goldie Bounce

Pronunciation: /gˈəʊl.di baÊŠns/


What I think it means:



There’s a touch of fortune about this phrase and my inclination is that it’s some kind of lucky shot, that takes a bounce and ends up in a way more favourable position than it should.


Like this guy. I think he’s got the Hawn  (Boom Boom)

‘The Goldiebouncer has an uncanny way of winning a round’ Like a reject Bond villain, Goldiebouncer isn’t everyone’s favourite player on the course because he has an uncanny way of winning a round while seemingly hitting every single obstacle on the course.




This guy knows what I’m talking about…




That picture is Shane Lowry, hugging the tree that helped him win his first PGA Tour event after a fortuitous bounce.


Dictionary definition:


’When an errant ball strikes a tree deep in the rough and bounces out on to the fairway.’




Goldie bounce is a well-established term in the golfing lexicon. I’ve no idea where the term comes from, so to try and make up for that failing, here it is in French:

Rebond de Goldie.

And German:

Goldie Sprungkraft.

And finally, Italian:

Rimbalzo di Goldie.

You’re welcome.


Use it in a sentence:


“Oh vous bougre chanceux , vous frappez l’arbre et vous êtes dans le chenal . Qu’est-ce que un rebond de Goldie”


What this actually means:


You got ruddy lucky!! That last one was an absolutely awful shot, but somehow you’re in the middle of the fairway. Don’t waste this opport… Oh never mind, you’re back in the trees.



Quite literally, sometimes…

If you want to punish the goldiebouncer, a good way is to play the game ’monkey’. Whoever hits his ball against a tee must put 50p in the pot and becomes the ’monkey’. Throughout the round the pot will build up as players strike the ball against tree trunks and the person who finishes the round as the monkey, must pay their playing partners the value of the pot.

Note – this game doesn’t work on Links courses…

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