I'll give you Baba Booey – put a sock in it

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The Angry Club Golfer has no time for idiots fans yelling out when he's watching golf on the TV. He's got a little surprise for those who can't keep their traps shut

Like many golf fans, the Angry Club Golfer loves to watch a bit of the beautiful game on the box.

What he doesn’t love is idiot fans booming out catchphrases so they can tell their mates (do they really have any?) that they were on the TV.

He’s got his own way of dealing with the menace. So next time you’re tempted to shout out ‘You da man’ during Rory’s backswing, you’d better watch out.

You have been warned.

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About Angry Club Golfer

Our club golfer plays more golf than anyone on the planet (stats unconfirmed) – which means there is plenty for him to get wound up about.

As we’re very nice here at National Club Golfer, we thought we would give him a platform on which to get it all off his chest.

You can follow Angry Club Golfer on Twitter. Let him know what makes you angry on the golf course!

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