What is your club doing to entice people back in 2021? The boss of leading membership company PlayMoreGolf tells Steve Carroll that the hard work starts now

The boards and committees of golf clubs need to look at what they offer golfers to ensure the coronavirus boom doesn’t become a “flash in the pan”, said the boss of a leading membership provider.

Alastair Sinclair, chief executive of PlayMoreGolf, insisted the next 12 months could prove crucial for the sport in continuing to appeal to a wider audience.

Many clubs thrived over the summer as players rushed to join and pay green fees with other sports still restricted during the pandemic.

Speaking after welcoming the Government’s decision to give golf the go-ahead to resume on December 2, Sinclair said: “Now is the time committees and boards across the nation need to critique how their offering is relevant and sufficiently attractive to both existing and future generations of members and customers to their club.   

“No one wants the renewed interest in golf to be a flash in the pan, therefore as an industry we need to adapt to changing consumer requirements and create a longer term sustainable platform for golf.”

PlayMoreGolf partner up with clubs to offer golfers a points-based membership package that provides a discount on a full annual subscription.

Sinclair added: “With the run up to Christmas it is welcome news within the industry as affordable golf memberships will be an attractive gift for 2021 enabling people to exercise in a safe environment.

“2021 is an important year for golf, as a sport and leisure activity, to appeal to a wider audience. How as an industry we present ourselves to the consumer is crucial not just to attracting new, but retaining current golfers to the sport.”

What you think of Sinclair’s views? Do clubs need to critique what they offer players in the wake of coronavirus? Let me know in the comments or tweet me.

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