A short guide to golf betting for newbies.

Betting on golf games has been a popular mode for staking lovers for a while now. One could even say it’s just the perfect sports event for placing your bets. Golf games are mostly lined up well, so you have enough time to prepare to make the best betting choices ahead of games. 

You need some guidance if you’re new to golf betting or betting. The great news is that you’re right to be here on this page! We’d show you the best ways to make the most of your bets on golf games so you risk only less.

How does golf betting work?

Like almost any other sports you bet on, in golf betting, you win by staking your money on the odds you predict to occur, and if it goes your way, you win. 

The amount you stake multiplied by the number of odds on your chosen outcome determines how much you win. 

There may also be some bonus attached to your win. However, if the odds don’t go your way, you forfeit your money staked.

So, it’s key to understand how the odds work before you place your bets. Mostly, the odds are written like +700 or (7 – 1) for a 7 times stake. 

So, if you bet a particular amount on a +700 stake and win it, you get your money sevenfold.

Some odds may appear like -120 instead of a plus. In this case, you’d have to bet up to $12 to win $10.

Tips on golf betting

  • Place your bets with the best sites

An important tip is to get the best possible returns for your bet risks by using the best golf betting platforms available. Different sites offer different betting features and odds on the same game, so go for the best. Golf betting at Boylesports is a worthy mention.

  • Know the types of golf bets there are

If you don’t know what type of bet you’re playing, you’d almost surely lose the bet. And yes, there are different types of bets available in golf betting – with different modes of winning. Let’s see some of these golf betting types that there are;

  • “To-Win bets”

“To win” matches are the simple and popular modes we know. You bet on the golfer you expect to win the match, and if you turn out right, you win the odds on your money.

  • “Head-to-head matchups”

This type of bet requires you to have good knowledge of about two individual golf players so you can bet on who wins a match between both players. 

Unlike the “to win” bet, you don’t need to bet that a golfer will win the tournament – only particularly on who will win an encounter between the two golfers.

  • “Versus the field”

“Versus the field” bets are majorly counter bets against a public favorite to win. As the tournament progresses, there may be a golfer most likely and the favorite to win. 

By placing a “versus the field” bet, you’d be staking your gamble on other golf players other than the expected to win the tournament.

There are yet other betting types you can explore, like the live betting modes, future betting, or prop betting.

  • Do some research

You have to do your homework before you go for a stake. Check out the trends and forms of golf players, so you know which are most likely to win that particular game.

A good clue is always the number of odds on the game. Though it doesn’t always apply, a general rule of thumb has been that the games with higher odds are less likely to come through. 

So, consider which is most likely but remember that no outcome can be a hundred percent certain.

  • Be responsible in placing your bets

 A final tip is to know the limits of gambling. Only bet amounts of money you can part with. Don’t be too greedy and look at only positive probabilities. 

Sometimes even the surest of games may turn out wrong, and you lose your money, so be responsible when golf betting.

Over to you…

Now, you know almost all there is as per golf betting for beginners. That relieves about fifty percent of the task, so it’s now up to you to use the know-how to win as many games as you can and win some golf money!