Our look at the best electric trolleys features a number of standalone reviews which have taken place over the past 18 months.

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Best electric trolleys: Motocaddy S5 Connect

Best electric trolleys

Tester summary:

A free Motocaddy mobile app syncs with the trolley handle to provide front, middle and back yardages.

Notifications can be sent to the trolley screen from your phone to alert you to calls, texts or emails – or you can turn all notifications off. USB charging port and adjustable distance control.

The trolley feels so smooth and well made. Simple yet stylish. Takes a couple of minutes to get set up but once up and running the GPS functionality works a treat.

Best electric trolleys

Some will be put off by needing a phone – but you can leave it in your bag.

Many will love being able to stay connected. The display is very clear and easy to read. A cheaper option to get GPS to your trolley.

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SRP: £549.99 (standard lithium)

Motocaddy website

Best electric trolleys: Powakaddy FW7s GPS

Best electric trolleysTester summary: Very simple and easy to navigate through the features on the screen which is nice and big but does suffer a touch from glare in bright sunshine.

The trolley runs smoothly with excellent speed control. It folds and assembles with ease.

Best electric trolleys

A must if you want GPS but don’t like wearing a watch. Really impressive.

There’s loads of choice in the Powkaddy Freeway range with updated versions of  the FW3 and FW5 models also available.

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SRP: £749.99 (Standard lithium)

Powakaddy website

Best electric trolleys: Motocaddy M1 DHC

Best electric trolleys

Tester summary: Folds to 40 per cent smaller than standard electric trolleys. Neat carry handle makes transportation much easier.

Automatic downhill control is a cracking feature for hilly courses.

Incredibly reliable. The grippy handle adds to the premium feel. A no-brainer if you struggle with hills and storage.

Best electric trolleys

DHC is also available in the S1 model.

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SRP: £549.99 (Standard lithium)

Motocaddy website

Best electric trolleys: Powakaddy Compact C2

Best electric trolleys

Tester summary: A really simple ‘two-fold’ mechanism takes around eight seconds to assemble and fold away. Will fit in the smallest of car boots.

Fantastic performance on the course. Sturdy yet smooth with really classy looks. So easy to use.

The best all-round package from Powakaddy we’ve tested.

Best electric trolleys

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SRP: £599.99 (Standard lithium)

Best electric trolleys: Stewart X9 Follow

Best electric trolleys

Tester summary: Complete remote-controlled functionality – plus a ‘follow’ mode where the trolley operates hands- free and match your walking pace.

It also features automatic downhill braking. Available in black, silver or white.

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SRP: £1,699 (standard lithium)

Stewart Golf website

Best electric trolleys: Powerbug GTX-1

Best electric trolleys

Tester summary: The smallest and lightest lithium battery on the market – weighing just over 1kg.

It also comes as a 27-hole model as standard. Powerbug say there is a full three- year ‘no-quibble’ warranty on both the battery and the trolley.

Height-adjustable handle with integral accessory mounting.

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SRP: £439 (27-hole lithium)

Powerbug website

Best electric trolleys: Golfstream DV8

Best electric trolleys

Tester summary: A fully remote-controlled trolley. The sturdy aluminium frame assembles in seconds.

The trolley can be sent forwards, backwards, left and right from up to 100 metres away. There’s also speed control and a ‘lesser-spotted’ electronic parking brake.

SRP: £999 (standard lithium)

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Golfstream website

Best electric trolleys: Big Max Terrain

Best electric trolleys

Tester summary: This new three-wheel trolley is designed to give you complete control on even the toughest courses.

It features a powerful 230w motor and has automatic downhill braking to keep speeds constant. Colour display shows speedometer and battery status.

SRP: £799 (standard lithium)

Big Max website

Best electric trolleys: Go Kart Standard Control

Best electric trolleys

Tester summary: This electric trolley has a simple roller on the handle to adjust the speed which makes it easy to keep the trolley matched to your walking pace.

There is also an automatic control version available where you simply hold the handle and walk. It will speed up or slow down and you do or let go of the handle and it will continue at the same pace.

SRP: £269/£299

Go Kart website